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A Day for BAE- 7 ways to make your boyfriend feel extra special

Leanne Josephine C. Austria

October 13, 2022

  • You say you love your boyfriend more than the stars and moon combined. He is your rock, your world. But how do you show it to him? Do you still need to wait for his birthday and for any special occasion before showing it to him? Sweet things can be done to your BAE at any time of the day.

    There are a lot of ways how you can make him feel extra special today. Your partner also needs to feel loved every single day, too. Keep the sparks alive! It doesn’t really take much to make your boyfriend feel loved or you don’t always have to prepare something grand to make him feel shaky. Most of the time, the smallest and simplest gesture can mean a lot. To give you some good ideas on how to do your part, here are seven ways to make your boyfriend feel extra special.

    1. Appreciate him.

    If he messages you good morning texts, treats you out for lunch, or waits the dishes for you, it’s better to thank your boyfriend properly for doing it. Don’t make him think that its normal to do that even if it is just a simple gesture. As much as possible, always say “thank you” and surely, it will make him feel loved and valued.

    It’s unusual for a guy to receive sincere compliments. Girls aren’t the only ones who loves compliments, boys do, too! Tell him all the good stuff about him, it may be his appearance, scent, haircut, or just his effort in your relationship.

    3. Show affection to him.

    Affection is something we all want and need. So, if you want him to feel loved and special, show him that you care for him. Give him a bear hug! Or even a sweet kiss! Show your boyfriend that you’re willing to put things in your schedule aside just for him. At the end of the day, it’s the small things that count, right?

    4. Surprise him.

    There are a lot of surprises that we can show our boyfriend. Surprise him by buying his favorite drink, by cooking his favorite food, and by watching his favorite movie together. All his favorites! Plan a vacation trip just for the two of you. After all, it’s not only girls who like surprises. To start, write a sweet message on a sticky note saying how much he means to you then send it right away!

    5. Don’t reject him.

    Don’t ever reject your partner’s efforts whether it may be big or small. Make sure that you spend quality time together, even if you must squeeze out your hectic time just to be with your partner, do it. Meet up with him during your lunch breaks, stop by his place to say “hello,” or even commute home with him together. By appreciating and making time for him, he’ll feel loved by you. `

    6. Support him.

    Supporting your partner is vital in every aspect of a relationship. Give him the encouragement that he needs. Be his  numbrer one supporter and motivate him to pursue his passions and goals in life. Emotional support is also a great way to show support when he’s open, like listening actively and acting as his best bud. Be his great supporter and fan, both in private and in front of your friends and family. In that way, your boyfriend feels more motivated and confident!

    7. Trust him.

    If you have experienced being heartbroken in the past, not just once but many times, it’s understandable that you may have some trust issues. But always remember that past is the past. Don’t let the betrayal of the past affect the loyalty of the present. Build your trust with your partner. Start sharing your secrets with him or tell him everything he wants to know without any hesitation. Treat him both as a partner and your best friend. You have committed to a relationship with him, so all you must do is trust him with all your heart.

    Whatever you choose to do, let him know you appreciate him and that you deeply care for him. Let the world know about your special guy! What are you waiting for?



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