Life lessons you can get from Moira Dela Torre’s top hugot songs


Life lessons you can get from Moira Dela Torre’s top hugot songs

Troyka Lunar

June 2, 2022

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    Songs are powerful. It gives us a familiar feeling we never knew existed. When we are in high emotions, it has the power to make or break us. Songs can uplift us when we hit the rock bottom. And sometimes, it can also break hearts into pieces. It speaks for us when we can’t find the right words to say.

    When Jason Marvin Hernandez and Moira Dela Torre announced their break-up, people said that Moira’s songs will now have more impact on them because of what happened. So, we are digging deeper into Moira Dela Torre’s top hugot songs, and we will share the top lessons that you can learn from them.


    Ikaw at ako

    “At ngayon, nandito na.
    Palaging hahawakan iyong mga kamay
    Hindi ka na mag-iisa,
    Sa hirap at ginhawa ay iibigin ka”

    A song of promise, “Ikaw at Ako” gives us a romantic vibe that even though you are not in love, you will feel like you are! The song is telling us that true love does not need to rush. It will come to you and will unfold naturally. When it does, that love will teach you the value of commitment. Moreover, the song makes you realize that true love doesn’t need to be clingy, but it should never make you feel alone. The bottom line is if you choose to love each other now, be prepared to choose the same love every day for the rest of your lives.



    “Patawad kung ikaw ay aking nasaktan
    Hindi ko nabigay ang iyong kailangan
    At ang huling pangakong maibibigay
    Na sa ating dalawa ay wala nang sisihan
    Patawad, paalam sa ating nakaraan”

    The song started with questions about what happened with the relationship. Of course, you will seek answers because you want to understand where you went wrong. That’s normal. But this song teaches us the value of acceptance. Accept that not all relationships have a happy ending. Sometimes, you only meet a person for a reason; and that is to teach you a lesson. Keep in mind that you also have to acknowledge your lapses. When all else fails, and the only choice you have is to let go of each other, the most important thing is to forgive each other. It may be hard at first, but eventually, it will set you free.



    “At kung masaya ka sa piling niya
    Hindi ko na ‘pipilit pa
    Ang tanging hiling ko lang sa kanya
    Huwag kang paluhain at alagaan ka niya”

    Just like “Patawad,” this song also started with questions about what went wrong with the relationship. Aside from acceptance, Moira also teaches us the value of letting go. If you love a person, their happiness is what will make you happy. However, sometimes, the only way to make our partners happier is when we let them go. After all, loving a person also means you would rather see him walking away towards his happiness than forcing things to work out with you. So, when that happens, there is only one thing you must do: Let go and let God. Ipaubaya mo na siya sa magpapasaya sa kanya, at ipaubaya mo ang sakit sa Kanya.”



     “At hindi, ‘di mapaliwanag ang nangyari sa akin
    Saksi ang lahat ng tala sa iyong panalangin
    Pano nasagot lahat ng bakit? Di makapaniwala sa nangyari
    Pano mo naitama ang tadhana”

    Lastly, a song that everyone loved the first time they heard it! Tagpuan is the song that will make you believe in love again. When everything has fallen apart, someone will come into your life and make your whole world stop. After all your previous heartaches, there will be hope. You will love again. You will finally understand why it never worked out with anyone else. Someone will come into your life and make you realize why it never worked out with anyone else. That’s how magical love is, and that’s how powerful God is.

    How about you, Sweetie? What is your favorite Moira Dela Torre hugot song? Comment them down and tell us your story!



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