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You know you like each other – now what?

Renzo Fuentes

December 28, 2022

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    Everybody say – SANA ALL!

    If God and the universe decide to finally bless you one day – you may find yourself to the news of finally being liked back by your crush!

    Given how short and unpredictable life is, it is wonderful to know when someone has a crush on you. People seldom prepare for the best because they are so preoccupied with trying to determine if they like them back and anticipating the worst.

    But let’s say, today happens to be your lucky day.

    Now, what do you do next? (in no particular order):

    Stay cool about it

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    Chill ka lang!

    They already like you!  You’ll do better if you don’t become overly invested in how things turn out while you’re with someone. If you have an obsession with one person, like in a typical movie narrative, you’ll begin to live in your fantasy world where you’ll convince yourself that they are the one for you and will do anything to win your heart, including the unbelievable. Justin Bieber once said, “Don’t rush, no pressure!

    Keep your options open

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    Again, keep your cool! Haha!

    You guys are not yet officially partners. Some individuals maintain their loyalty even though they do not mutually understand or date exclusively. It would be wiser to scope the room for any prospective partners or crushes (for that matter); this prevents you from being fixated on one individual. More importantly, it safeguards your mental and emotional well-being if things don’t go as planned. (But, let’s not hope for the worst!)

    Yes, you can still use that dating app!

    Get to know them better – DATE!

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    This is your opportunity to ask them out on dates, learn about their likes and dislikes, and try things that the two of you haven’t done before. You can discover each other’s preferences, love languages, pet peeves, and just much anything else about yourselves by spending time together. Go watch some series and movies, and eat at that famous restaurant you saw on TikTok.

    Having tight relationships with potential partners creates a stronger foundation for the relationship.

    Be authentic

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    You become more attractive if you embrace your own self – inclusive of your flaws, experiences, self-expression, and more!

    Get flirty

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    Malandi, but with reservations? CHECK!

    Go make that banat!

    For starters, it’s as easy as complimenting their appearance, skills, talents, and so forth. This is where you also see where their intentions lie.

    If they reciprocate, good! If they don’t – NEXT!

    Slowly (but surely) – get touchy

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    Start with high fives, fist bumps, and platonic hugs. Eventually, you guys will get to the levels of romantic hugs, holding hands, and eventually kissing!

    ALWAYS read the room

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    Don’t get too overboard or creepy – this might give them the ick. Maybe they don’t prefer this or that; make sure they’re comfortable and willing with the stuff you guys do! Also, know when to make the first move – they already like you. It helps!

    Know their intentions

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    So, ano na???

    Define the relationship (DTR); what if they like you, but are mending from a past they’d rather not discuss (an ex, trauma, or whatnot)? The person you’re seeing might still be dating prospects and believe that a committed relationship is not (yet) right for them. They might not like you as much as you do, which is another possibility. For instance, while they simply see you as their booty call or a one-night stand, you may see them as a possible lover. Or perhaps – all they want is a response.

    In the event things go south, it doesn’t mean you’ll be in that position forever. Always remember – REJECTION is REDIRECTION!

    Have fun! We wish you the best with your soon-to-be lovers!

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