How would you know if you are just a 'quaranfling?'
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How would you know if you are just a ‘quaranfling?’

Mitzi Santos

August 2, 2020


    According to the Urban Dictionary, Quaranfling is an online dating encounter that begins during quarantine. It is used to fill the dating void and ends before quarantine is over.

    Five months into quarantine and you just found yourself downloading the online dating apps to get through the time of drought. *winks

    This is not the year for you to put yourself out there and explore the world to meet the one. But if you are in constant search for your other half then you might find yourself exploring the online dating apps.

    How would you know if what you are having now is just a quaranfling? Here is the list of things to know if you are in some sort of quaranfling:

    There is no constant communication

    They only message you once in a while. You don’t get the daily good morning texts or “kumain ka na ba?” messages. They only remember you when it is convenient for them. Another reason could be there are so many of you and he suck at time management.

    Label not found

    It doesn’t really matter how long you two have been talking but one thing is for sure, you have no label. DTRing is not an option. You always get the “basta ang mahalaga masaya tayo” response whenever you attempt to define the relationship.

    There is no conversation unless you initiate.

    It seems like the interest to have a conversation is not mutual. Sad that there are not exerting the same effort as you do. If this happens, it’s time to abort mission!

    There is no intention in getting to know you more

    Conversations are most of the time about them. They don’t show any interest in getting to know you thus making you feel like there is no chance for the relationship to advance any time.

    With all the options in front of you, it is still important to not let your guards down or else you will end up being ghosted. It’s okay to explore since there are many fish in the sea but always check the signs out and save yourself from a lot of heartbreaks and tears.

    How about you? How would you know if you are just a quaranfling?







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