How will your relationship survive this pandemic
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How will your relationship survive this pandemic

Mitzi Santos

July 10, 2020


    The month-long quarantine takes a toll on your relationship with your partner and it has been one of the things that has been compromised for sure.

    So many dates or trips have been cancelled and you can’t do regular get together like you used to due to the pandemic. Your relationship’s only lifeline now is the foundation of your relationship and efforts you both exert to keep in touch while you two are in a long-distance relationship.

    Stay true to your feelings

    Even if you are miles apart, staying true to your feelings and being open about it can strengthen your relationship. This is not the time to bottle up emotions. Be open to your partner about how you feel. Do you feel lonely? Do you feel mad about the country’s current situation? Say it. By letting your partner know, he/she will be able to help you provide emotional support. It’s always easy to lend an ear. Listen while the other speak of what he/she is going through. Never underestimate the power of words. You can always make them feel your presence by saying kind words or expressing support even if you are miles apart.

    Learn to adjust

    With the limited resources that you have now due to the quarantine, being resourceful is now a key trait. If you want to survive this global health crisis, you have to be resourceful. If you want to freely move around the city but doesn’t have your own 4-wheels, learn to cycle. In that way, you can still move around the city without putting your health at risk. You can also invite your partner to take strolls while riding your bicycles. Cycling is now a new normal. Don’t get tired of finding alternatives to get through this pandemic.

    All these will soon be over

    A lot has been going on but know that at the end of all these it will be rewarding to look back at what your relationship has gone through. Wouldn’t it be nice to look back and see how much your relationship has grown over the duration of the pandemic? It is important to give your relationship enough time to endure and grow as you both face conflicts.

    It’s not a walk in the park; hold on and thread carefully. The hardships are nothing compared to the stronger and better relationship that you will have after this pandemic.


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