Here’s why you should cuddle
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Here’s why you should cuddle

Mitzi Santos

August 7, 2020


    Just as the weather gets colder and the rain starts pouring, you can’t help but snuggle next to your partner and just stay cozy while you are wrapped around their arms.

    According to studies, cuddles create more sexual satisfaction and intimacy. It boosts your immune system, lowers blood pressure, relieves stress and anxiety, and it relieves pain.

    Aside from its health benefits, did you know that there are different cuddles? It’s not that there is actually a right way to do it, but there are different cuddles that you can share with your partner.

    The most common cuddle is Spooning. Whether you are either the “big spoon” or the “little spoon,” spooning is the ultimate cuddling position. Wouldn’t it be nice to lay next to your partner and just feel your back resting against their stomach? You just lay there as they wrap their arms around you. You’ll sure both have a good night sleep.

    For those who are not a big fan of Spooning, you can try to consider the Half Spoon.  This is great for claustrophobic individual. Half spooning gives you enough space to cuddle and enough space to breathe as well.

    You know you are way over the top when you enjoy the Honeymoon Hug. You lie face-to-face with your partner and then you wrap your arms with each other. You are close enough to hear their heart beating and to smell their morning breath.

    If you are not that clingy but still want to feel your partner’s warmth, then you should try the Leg Hug. If you want to get clingy and still get quality sleep with all the space, then sleep with your one leg on top of your partner’s instead. Not that clingy but still connected.

    The Lap Pillow cuddle is perfect while you are just binge watching or just listening to your favorite artist. You can just simply lie on your partners lap and enjoy the view as you glance to your partner.

    Whatever cuddling position best fits you and partner, always remember that it is not just a way to bond but it is also beneficial for you and your partner. The more you cuddle, the more you bond. Your body benefits as it releases the cuddle hormones called oxytocin. The more you cuddle, the tighter your bond will be.


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