The greatest love of all- National Grandparents Day


The greatest love of all- National Grandparents Day

Ellen Rose Oris

September 22, 2022

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    Grandparents are one of the greatest gifts that we can ever have. If you still have your grandparents, you can still spend time and moments with them. They share us utmost care, infinite wisdom, and support which are the things we also get from our parents. Our childhood memories are full of fun memories of growing up with their guidance. They also act as our second parents that look after and guide us. Our parents become the way they are right now because of the care and love they receive from them.

    Observed every second Sunday of September is the Grandparents Day in the Philippines.  It serves to commemorate and honor our grandparents for their affection and support. The celebration become a significant family event, particularly in light of strong family bonds in Filipino culture. In Philippines, it is typical to see big family reunions and gatherings where grandparents become the center of attention. The reason is the sense of respect within the family. Some grandparents also live together with their children even though they have a family of their own.


    They are recognized as an immediate family members even then and now. However, as time goes by, these traditional occasions are starting to get more seldom and time restricts these to happen. Some families are falling apart when the unexpected loss of their grandparents takes place. Their existence is important in the culture of family and majority of common beliefs and characteristics. These are first introduced at home and carry on by our grandparents then we apply it to our daily activities. 


    They play significant role in raising grandchildren and maintain a close bond within the family. This strengthen the ties in preserving family traditions and customs. In common Filipino household setting, extended family is relatively common than other cultures. The presence of elderly or Grandparents serves as symbol and reflection of the ties that unite families.

    Above all, it is not enough that we celebrate and honor our grandparents for just a day. Grandparents like the little things in life. We should make sure to show them that we care about them. Wish them a happy grandparents’ day on their special day. It’s the thought that counts, so, let us show appreciation and love to our grandparents. It is not just on their special days but every time we share with them.


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