Friendzone: How do you actually get out of the zone?
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Friendzone: How do you actually get out of the zone?

Mitzi Santos

August 21, 2020


    Let’s admit it, two friends from the opposite sex can’t remain friends without having one of them falling for the other.

    You can’t just simply talk a lot to or spend so much time together, and not just fall in love.

    What could go wrong, right? Two good friends falling in love for one another seems like a great love story. There are only four possible reasons why they would not end up together (1) their relationship is just platonic, (2) they are not attracted to the opposite sex, (3) they are already in a relationship, and (4) one just friendzoned the other.

    The term friendzone has already been widely used, but what does being friendzoned really mean?

    Friendzone is a term used when your feelings are not matched with the person you are infatuated with. Simply put it this way, you like someone but the other simply see you as a friend.

    If you think it is the end of everything, you are wrong. There is actually a way for you to get yourself out of that hell hole.

    Love yourself

    When we say, ‘love yourself,’ we don’t mean that you don’t love yourself at all. We just meant, continue doing you. There is nothing wrong with you. Work hard to get yourself out of that zone and you should start with yourself. Be more attractive. Take care of yourself more. Focus on the things that you used to neglect or maybe you can discover new hobbies. Who knows improvement might good look on you!

    Put yourself out there

    Just because you were friendzoned, doesn’t mean that it is over. It might be over with that friend but always remember that there are many fish in the sea. Just put yourself out there, who knows, you might just meet the one destined for you. Getting out of the zone doesn’t mean that you have to keep on pushing it with the person who friendzoned you, it means that you can always start over with another person. Just because it didn’t work for you two doesn’t mean it won’t work with others.

    Be vocal

    Some cases of friendzone doesn’t really happen like they say it straight to your face. Some are just too torpe to even admit their feelings towards the other person and just assume that they are way out of their league. The only way to find out is if you will admit it and express your true feelings towards the other person. Who knows maybe you are just both waiting?

    Don’t make yourself too available

    Sometimes being always available for them gives them the liberty to just take you for granted. They think that you will always be there. Make them realize that you don’t have all the time in the world, and you can’t just sit there and wait for them to notice you. Grab the chance.

    Risk it if you want it

    Sometimes your friendship is way too precious that you fear might ruin it if you take it to the next level. Why pre-empt it? There is only one way to find out, take it to the next level. You two will only break up if you stop choosing each other. Love is a choice. Love is a risk. Things last when you take good care of it so, go out there and risk it!

    Life is too short to just wait on things to happen. When one door closes, another opens. And sometimes you just really have to make it happen.


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