Five types of people you don't need in your life
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Five types of people you don’t need in your life

Troyka Lunar

August 13, 2021

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    A significant aspect of your life depends on the people surrounding you. Believe it or not, the people closely surrounding you are the key contributors to what lies ahead of you. So, you might want to consider if who you are with right now are the people you truly need in your life. With that, we are giving you some of the types of people that you might want to start avoiding for a healthier and toxic-free life!

    People who compromise other people’s lives for their happiness.

    Everyone deserves to be happy, but how far can one go for happiness’ sake? Sweetie, let go of the people who only think of nothing but themselves. You don’t need selfish people in your life. Making other people happy, indeed, gives us a different kind of happiness. But if that means you are to compromise something that may negatively affect you, think twice. After all, sincere people won’t deprive you of the happiness that you deserve just for the sake of making themselves happy.


    People who constantly break their promises

    Broken promises aren’t that bad. Sometimes, they do have valid reasons, and that’s okay. But if a person constantly makes a pact but never even bothered to honor his word, you might want to consider if you need that kind of person in your life or not. A little bit of a red flag, right? Sweetie, you don’t need someone who can’t be faithful to his word. You deserve someone who will tell you things and will actually mean it because they know that you only deserve the best things in life, including fulfilled promises!


    People who bring nothing but negativity

    Do you know someone you can consider as walking negative energy? Tell you what, go ahead to move your way out of their radar! Why? Because these kinds of people do nothing but suck the positive energy out of other people. Sweetie, you don’t need someone who will discourage you from something you’ve always wanted to do. You don’t need someone who will ruin a perfect day just because that person is having a bad day. Do keep this in mind: The only negativity we need right now is the negative result of a test for a disease. Otherwise, always remember that a person’s positive outlook in life will go a long way.


    People who only know you when they need something from you.

    These are the people we often call “John Michael” (AnJOHN lang ‘pag MICHAELangan.) In other words, they are the people who take advantage of you and your resources. They will be there when they benefit but will be gone when they don’t. So, watch out for these kinds of people and stay away from them. If you think you deserve that kind of treatment, then go on. Allow them to use you and leave you when you already have nothing to give. But if you value yourself enough, you should know by now what you should do next. *wink*


    People who make you feel that you are hard to love

    Lastly, walk away from the people who make you feel that loving you is such a hard thing to do. Loving someone is a very wonderful feeling. Not being loved in return hurts so bad, but the feeling that you are hard to love makes the feeling unbearable. You’ll start to ask yourself why. You will always look for answers because you will always believe that it was you, that something is wrong with you. Truth be told, it was never your fault. Remember this: you are not hard to love. You are just loving the wrong person. Sometime soon, you will find someone who will make you feel that loving you was the best decision that person has ever made in his entire life. Then, you will realize that it is all worth it.

    Walking away from these kinds of people is so much easier said than done, most especially if your feelings were sincere. However, still having them in your life will give you more pain than letting them go. So, weigh things out and decide. The bottom line, you should always keep in mind that you deserve what you tolerate.

    Protect your heart at all cost.



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