Faces of emotional abuse that you must be aware of
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Faces of emotional abuse that you must be aware of

Troyka Lunar

August 27, 2021


    Emotional abuse is a form of abuse that one must be fully aware of. Most of the time, a person will not easily know that someone is already emotionally abusing him/her. Sadly, it does not only destroy a healthy relationship, but it also destroys one’s mental health. So, we are giving you some of the things that you need to know to protect yourself from emotionally abusive people.

    Emotional blackmail

    This is one of the most common forms of emotional abuse. It usually takes place when a person threatens another person to get what they want. An emotional blackmailer will force you to do something out of your own will. You will oblige yourself to choose between two things you are not comfortable doing. As a result, you will have no choice but to give in to the demands of your partner. Otherwise, something worse might come your way. This type of emotional abuse often uses guilt to establish power and control over the other person.


    According to WebMDGaslighting is an emotionally abusive strategy that causes someone to question their feelings, thoughts, and sanity. The people who are gaslighting their partners are commonly telling lies after lies. It usually starts in small things like altering what happened in the past and eventually making you believe that actually it happened. They always make you second guess your thoughts and convince you that what you know and how you feel is invalid. You will always think that there is something wrong with you when in fact, there is none. As a result, you always end up being the apologetic one, not only to your partner but to other people as well.

    Love Bombing

    This kind of emotional abuse often disguises itself as something that you should be happy about. It is an act that gives you the overwhelming feeling of extreme love and affection that often leads to obsession. It may give you the kilig that you’ve always longed for, but it may result in something that may affect your relationship in the future. At some point, you will feel that the relationship is already going on a fast phase. Then, when you try to set your boundaries, they will feel bad and will end up taking that action against you. In the words of InStyle, Love Bombing is the scary control tactic narcissists don’t want you to know about. Why? Because this is a strategy that abusers use to gain power and manipulate you and your relationship. 


    Negging usually comes as backhanded compliments and insults disguised in questions, jokes, or constructive criticisms. It usually happens in the flirting stage and is often used in seducing someone. It does not only take place in a romantic relationship, but it may also transpire in the family or your workplace. Take this statement as an example: “For someone who graduated with no Latin honor, you are surprisingly doing a great job.” It may look like a flattering remark, but it makes you feel confused if that statement is a compliment or an insult. As a result, a person’s self-esteem might be poorly affected and may result in self-destruction.

    Now ask yourself, are you on the right track? Or do you need a major realignment?


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