End the stigma: Men should start talking about their feelings
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End the stigma: Men should start talking about their feelings

Mitzi Santos

July 3, 2020


    Social media has shaped the way how certain people think and act these days and social standards have something to do with this as well. The society tend to adjust to what fits the social standards making their mental and emotional health suffer.

    They say you should be like this and like that because that is what the society dictates you. Men should pay the check, women should not make the first move, and there are a whole lot more.

    Men in particular are dictated not to cry, feel soft, feel sad, or express any emotion because again, that is not what the society dictates them to be.

    According to studies, suicide and depression are two of the leading causes of some deaths of men. Always put in mind that mental health has no gender. Just because you are a man, it doesn’t mean that you are not entitled to feel any emotions.

    When are we going to change the narrative? When are we going to end the stigma? Men, too, need to feel and talk about their feelings.

    Here’s how you should take care of your mental health according to Manila Bulletin:

    Take time to process your thoughts.

    Due to men’s responsibility at home and at work, they have been putting their well-being their least priority. Despite the piling up responsibilities you should take time to process your thoughts and emotions. It is acceptable to pause and let all the negative thoughts go away.

    Acknowledge how you feel

    To feel bad is okay. Men are also entitled to feel angry, sad, and even cry. You have to be true to yourself to liberate your feelings. Once you process what you feel, it will be easier for you to open up and release your emotions to your friend or to your partner.

    Seek help

    It doesn’t always have to be about seeking a professional help. It can be opening up to your partner, your family or anyone you feel comfortable opening up with. Normalize opening up and talking about your feelings. Forget about the toxic masculinity and start managing your emotions. It will be helpful to ease that emotions that you have been keeping for so long.

    It’s time to check your guy friend, your brother, your partner, or your father how they are currently doing. It is not too late to check up on them. End the stigma. Normalize men talking about their feelings.


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