The death of office romance
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The death of office romance

Mitzi Santos

August 14, 2020

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    Studies show that one out of 10 individuals have met their spouse in the office. You meet a lot of people since you spend most of your time at work. There are a lot of prospects for possible romance.

    Office romance is easier to nurture since you spend most of the time in the same place and admit it, they are either a cubicle away or just a floor away.

    Given the world’s current situation now, most companies practice a remote work set up meaning you can’t just simply exchange banter with your officemate or flirt like how you used to. You can’t even ask them out for merienda just like before.

    Having the same location takes the pressure off, so communicating or expressing yourself is easy unlike now, how can you water the plants a.k.a. your relationship if you are not there physically?

    This global health crisis has not only affected the office romances but also the whole dating scene. How can you flirt with someone thru a videocall?

    Before the quarantine, you used to put yourself out there and just casually meet people at the mall, in the library, or at the bar. Now, dating has stepped down a few notches since is not a priority during this pandemic. Adults tend to focus more in their careers since WFH set up consumes most of your time.

    Seems like actively looking individuals might have to put their search on hold until everything gets back to normal.

    How about you? Do you believe that office romance is slowly dying now? Let us know in the comment section!


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