Best ways to destress after a busy week
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Best ways to destress after a busy week

Troyka Lunar

October 1, 2021

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    Friday – a lot of people look forward to this day every week because we all know what’s next, weekend, finally! You get to rest and take a break from a stressful and busy week. We know how it feels, Sweetie! So, we are giving you some ways to maximize your weekend and recharge before you start another week!

    Disconnect or unplug for a moment

    If you are taking a break from work, the first thing that you should do is to try to unplug yourself from it. Enjoy your solitude or the people you are going to be with. Avoid thinking about work. Instead, think of some other ways on how you can maximize your weekend. Aside from work-related concerns, disconnecting from social media for quite some time might also be of great help. Disconnect to the toxic world of social media. Relax and think of none other than your well-deserved rest!

    Buy or cook your comfort food, binge watch, and chill

    They say that good food gives you a good mood, so, go ahead and grab that favorite food of yours! Well, do you know what’s best paired with your favorite food? A good movie or series! Yes, Sweetie! You can go for a chick flick, horror, crime-related, or a cooking show. Whatever it is that your heart tells you to watch, go for it! Go for a movie marathon or binge-watch that series you’ve always wanted to watch!


    Observe your room or your work area. Is it still neat? Is it still a good place for work? Well, you might want to remove some stuff that you don’t need anymore. Start to organize your things! Believe this: decluttering your work area will have a huge impact on your work productivity. If you want to have a strong comeback at work after a week busy week, start it off by setting the mood! Go back to work stronger and keep that fire burning!

    Give time for playtime

    One good way to destress after a busy week is to play a game! If you are into video or mobile games, go ahead and have a game or two with your friends! Let yourself remember how it feels like to be a kid again. Allow yourself to go back to when you only think of nothing but how to win a game against your friend. Isn’t it wonderful? But, hey, playing isn’t just about video games. You might also want to set a playdate with your pet. During the week, you’ve been very busy. So, why not give a little moment with your fur baby? Enjoy your playdate! You might not know this, but your fur baby misses you, too!

    Treat yourself

    If buying that plant will make you feel good somehow, then go for it! If having a bar of chocolate will give you the energy boost that you need for the coming days, grab that chocolate now! Give that to yourself and be happy about it! Sweetie, you’ve been working so hard for the past few weeks. A little treat for yourself won’t hurt, right? Give yourself a tap in the back and reward yourself for a job well done!

    Reconnect to a friend

    They say a true friend will understand your busy days. They will message you at 8 in the morning, you respond at 10 in the evening, and they don’t take it against you. True friends do not require a day-to-day conversation because they know life is busy, but love is there. However, please do not take those friends for granted. Reconnect with them if you can. Make them feel remembered. Why? Because aside from being understanding, a true friend also never forgets. Remember that.

    Alan Cohen once said, “There is a virtue in work, and there is a virtue in rest. Use both and overlook neither.” So, go ahead and take those well-deserved days off work. Happy weekend, Sweeties!


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