A letter to my future Mahiwaga


A letter to my future Mahiwaga

Kiko Nones

June 11, 2022

  • Mahiwaga

    Past, present, and future, according to the block universe theory, it is all happening simultaneously. We’re just stuck in this illusion of time. Here, we experience the sufferings and pains of the present.

    Realizing this gives me mixed feelings. It’s sad because I must go through all those heart aches, alone outside the comfort and warmth of your love.
    I just wish we had more time together than longing for this love I have yet to experience.

    But somehow puts a smile on my face because if this theory of time is true, then we may have met already?

    I am hopeful and glad that the moment we have, we’ll be having is already happening, we’re just living through the laws of this dimension. If only I could get those extra years now, and start our life together, you know I would, right?

    You’ll be hearing a lot of this, a lot of “what ifs” or weird, puzzling ideas that’ll you’ll be sharing views on. I am excited.

    I am excited for our boring days together, warm cuddles while we talk about the names of our future children. Binge watch HIMYM, our favorite show.

    I am excited to wake up, with you lying next to me. Seeing you still asleep, gives me a moment to be grateful for what God has given me, you.

    I am writing this letter to you, smiling through the hopes of an upcoming plot twist, our love story.

    Letter to my future Mahiwaga

    To my future Mahiwaga,

    I will love you every day for the rest of our lives. I will not give up on you, I will always choose you, US over everything.

    My love for you will always be bigger than any problems we’ll face. We may not have cross paths at this point in this ‘dimension,’ but in God’s perfect time, it will be worth the wait.

    I love you, see you soon.


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