The 80/20 rule of relationship
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The 80/20 rule of relationship

Mitzi Santos

November 7, 2019


    If you think that looking for a partner is hard enough then you might want to consider the fact that staying and keeping the relationship that you are in are harder than the former.

    If you have heard of the 80/20 rule and you are currently applying it to your current relationship, then you are doing the right thing! But if you haven’t heard about it, then it is best for you to keep on reading.

    Many relationships fail because there is a continuous search for perfection when in fact there is no perfection in any relationship not even in your partner.

    The 80/20 rule explains that it is human’s nature to look for the next big thing. Humans always ask for more. Normally, the 80% is the qualities that your partner already possesses and the remaining 20% is the qualities that are lacking in your current partner. What do you usually do? You look for someone to fill in that 20%. You end up choosing the latter person because you think that the qualities he possesses are the ones that your former partner lacks. And you feel that it will satisfy you.

    But you are wrong, soon you will realize that instead of gaining something, you have lost a bigger portion. This is one of the reasons why most relationships fail because instead of working things out, people get used to looking for the missing parts and end up replacing their partners thinking they will have a better chance at finding the right one.

    This is one of the common mistakes partners commit during the span of their relationship. They neglect the fact that their partners will never be perfect and that they cannot just replace them whenever they want to. If you want a lasting and effective relationship, all you must do is accept that nobody’s perfect and work on the flaws to make your partners be the better versions of themselves. This is also for the success of your relationship.

    The next time you ask yourself why it’s hard to be in an effective relationship, you now know the answer. Hopping from one partner to another is not always the answer, sometimes it is just a matter of acceptance and just improving the qualities that they already have.


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