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5 LOVE LANGUAGES: Deciphering love the way you want it

Renzo Fuentes

January 13, 2023

  • Love is given and received in different ways by different people with diverse personalities. You can learn to pinpoint the source of your disputes, connect more deeply, and genuinely start to get closer by coming to recognize these preferences in both yourself and your loved ones.

    The five love languages were developed by Dr. Gary Chapman as a specific means of receiving and expressing love in partnerships. Though, this idea holds true – whether the relationship is romantic or platonic. According to Chapman, understanding a person’s preferred language is vital since it can increase your comprehension of each other, prevent disagreements, and create deeper relations.

    People typically have a dominant love language while receiving love, yet there are times that you may respond to more than one.

    Now, what are these love languages?

    Acts of Service

    This is the physical expression of a thoughtful gesture; it may be in the form of showing and feeling love through helpful actions. If you tend to express your love through running errands, cooking, household chores, or anything that makes your loved one’s lives simpler or happier – then this is your love language.


    Be it giving or receiving – this love language does not necessarily mean big or expensive gifts. It can be the littlest of things like snacks, flowers, or an entire playlist of their favorite songs (or songs you dedicate to them)!

    Quality Time

    You give them the gift of quality time when you allot time to spend with them. If you feel special or appreciated that your loved ones free up a schedule just to be with you, then this might be the right love language for you! Talking over dinner, going for a long walk, having a date night, or just simply hanging out and bonding at your place can be a form of quality time to establish a greater relationship with them.

    Words of Affirmation

    Do you tend to express a lot of praises, compliments, and the simple but sweet “I love yous?” This might be your love language! This is where you express or feel love through affirming words, recognition, and more verbal expressions of love.

    Physical Touch

    If you are a touchy person, you may seek physical contacts such as hugs, holding hands, massages after a long day, cuddling, or even small, spontaneous caresses to make you feel appreciated. holding hands, cuddling, kissing and even having sex are all examples of affirmative touching that can be used to express and receive love.

    The five love languages are a useful framework for understanding yourself and others, but they don’t always accurately reflect how everyone wishes to express their love. Nevertheless, what’s there to lose if you try – right? Always remember, it’s never wrong to express love. (Just don’t excessively use these love languages to love bomb, please!)

    Happy love-giving, and receiving!

    Wish to know what your love language is? Check this test out HERE! Don’t forget to share with us your test results in the comment section below.


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