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5 important lessons Christmas has taught us about relationships

Angelique Agarap

December 2, 2022

  • ChristmasHave you ever wondered about the sudden change in the air when December comes? The festive buzz pervading the air around you that slowly penetrates your thoughts? That’s the magic of the Christmas holiday — it brings about a change in perspective.

    No matter how difficult the past eleven months have been, this season is when people open up their hearts to hope and happiness. One key area we frequently reflect upon is our relationships, and now more than ever, is the ideal time to contemplate on what we can learn from it.

    That said, we’ve came up with a list of five important lessons Christmas has taught us about relationships which should be observed all year round:

    Faith is a powerful force.

    Several aspects of holidays, such as Christmas, stem from faith. Faith, at its core, is the belief that certain events occurred in the past and that doing things in a certain way will result in specific consequences.

    This is applicable in relationships, too. Faith, in a relationship context, is the willingness to step into a place of uncertainty. It’s in that space that a relationship has the opportunity to grow. It allows us to love each other with compassion and prevents us from betraying our loved ones.

    Regardless of how things appear in the short term, having faith in each other and believing that you can work our way through the rough patches increases the likelihood that the relationship will last.

    Happiness is infectious.

    The sight of establishments all fancied up in bright trees and beaming wreaths immediately brings a certain cheer to our day. 

    That infectiousness is most apparent in a relationship. When you’re constantly in a bad mood, it’s very likely that the environment in your relationship is largely negative. 

    Being upbeat and cheerful completely changes the atmosphere, making it more encouraging of a loving, healthy relationship. When you’re happy by yourself, it’s hard for people around you to be cranky for long!

    Giving is more heartwarming than receiving.

    Christmas is known as the season of giving. The concept of “me, myself, and mine” are unwelcome during this time. 

    In relationships, it’s easy for people to overextend themselves, either becoming a martyr and sacrificing everything for the other or becoming self-centered to the point of disregarding the other’s needs. Neither of which is healthy, which is why it’s crucial to strike a balance.

    When in doubt, however, it’s better to give and watch the other person’s face light up. And when you’re on the receiving end, be appreciative as gratitude intensifies positive feelings.

    A little mystery goes a long way!

    Remember how opening all those brightly-wrapped presents as a child put us on the edge of our seats? Christmas, like relationships, thrives on mystery, and it adds a wonderful dimension to our lives.

    When you’ve been together for a while, the initial zeal is bound to fade, and that’s when a little mystery can help keep that spark alive.

    While expecting a relationship to be in a constant state of passionate fire is unrealistic, it is essential to have some room for excitement. So be openhanded with your gifts, but remember to keep a few tricks up on your sleeve.

    Sometimes, a fresh start is all you need.

    Decluttering and organizing is usual around the holiday season. Old stuff is donated, new ones are purchased, and there’s a general sense of purging. And every so often, a good old purge is exactly what’s needed to revitalize a relationship.

    Getting rid of old wounds, emotional baggage, and preconceived notions clears the air and can be very therapeutic.

    This, of course, results in a great deal of personal satisfaction and mental clarity, as well as providing an opportunity for everyone to revisit their priorities. Everyone gets a clean slate and a better start to the New Year.

    So, as you hang your Christmas lights, decorate your Christmas trees, and indulge in your Christmas treats, take the time to reflect upon these actions. Let’s make it our mission to keep the spirit of Christmas alive throughout the year — have faith, stay happy and generous, and be nice, maybe a tad bit naughty on the side! ;) 

    Cheesy as it may sound, believing in miracles and happily ever after’s isn’t such a bad idea! After all, what’s life without a little magic?

    From all of us here at 96.3 Easy Rock Manila, we wish you a lite and easy Christmas! 



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