3 things about friendship that we learned from 'Stranger Things'


3 things about friendship that we learned from ‘Stranger Things’

Mitzi Santos

July 1, 2022


    “Friends don’t lie.” If you are an avid fan of the sci-fi series Stranger Things, then this line is very much familiar to you.

    We all know that Stranger Things is more than just your ordinary sci-fi series since this features a group of friends who never leaves anyone behind except for the fact that Will went missing and was alone in the upside down for quite some time or basically during almost the whole season 1.

    We’re almost through with the second part of the 4th season and here’s what we have learned from this party so far:

    It’s okay to be different

    Remember when Mike, Dustin, Will, and Lucas opened their doors to welcome Eleven despite her being different from the group? It was not easy at first but eventually they embraced every part of Eleven. As the series progresses, they were also able to welcome more people in the party like Steve, Robin, and Max. They are now a bunch of great friends saving the world!

    Sometimes, the best group of friends are never alike. They jive well even if they were composed of different individuals.  Cool, right?

    Age is just a number

    ‘Age is just a number’ even in friendships! We all know how the viewers loved Steve and Dustin’s friendship! They are just too adorable! Admit that you can’t stopped smiling while watching them on screen.

    We all witnessed how Steve and Dustin became the best of friends and how Dustin looks up to Steve. We have to admit that they are one of the best duos in the series!

    Having age gaps are beneficial to both parties since you learn from one another. That’s one big advantage you got right there!

    Friends can achieve anything especially when they stick together

    The series proved that as long as they stick together they can accomplish great things! Aside from fighting the villains, the best screen times are the ones where they were all complete and just being their goofy selves on the show!

    Team work really makes the dream work! Life is so much better when you surround yourself with the people that you care about the most. You can accomplish almost anything!


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