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8 Reminders for fresh grads!

May 31, 2019

  • Hello, freshies! Welcome aboard! You are now in a new level and…surprise! This is just the beginning! You are now officially unemployed!

    There’s a bit pressure when they tell you that you are “unemployed”, right?

    Well, everyone felt that and the generation after you will also feel that. It’s normal. Hope that comforted you a bit.

    School was a long, long, long, long journey and we know that there were moments when you can’t wait for it to finish. However, adulthood or maybe…career-life is a never-ending journey.

    So, from the people who went ahead of you in the work force, here are some lessons we learned after college that no one taught us until we got employed.

    1. YOU WILL NOT ALWAYS GET YOUR DREAM JOB RIGHT AWAY – however, your first job will always open doors for you to your dream job. So never let go of that dream. The universe will always have its way to direct you to your dreams.

    2. YOU WILL GET CONFUSED – and it will happen a lot of time. You’ll repeatedly ask yourself what you want to do with your life. And you’ll repeatedly build your path then mess up and… the cycle goes. That’s okay. It’s part of getting where you are meant to be.

    3. YOUR WORK ETHICS WILL SET YOU APART – there will always be people who are better than you in skills and knowledge. But how you deal with people, treat your colleague, handle situations, will set you apart from everyone.

    4. CHOOSE YOUR BATTLES – you will not get it right away but there are things that are worthy and not worthy of your energy in your workplace.

    5. DON’T BEAT YOURSELF UP – remember, even the main boss will commit mistakes. Be forgiving to yourself and always bring the lessons you learned.

    6. HAVE A LIFE – at some point you’ll get addicted to work. But try to balance work, life, and play. You need that.

    7. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF – you are your best asset and you can’t put your best foot forward if you are not functioning well.

    8. PAY IT FORWARD – part of being grateful is being able to help other and run an extra mile for them. Whatever you know, whatever you’ve gained, whatever you’ve learnt in your career, share it with others.

    And the list will go on. There’s so much more that you’ll learn overtime. And this list will only make sense to you when you’re in the workplace already.

    Again, welcome aboard!



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