#WhereIsSB19 causes traction after a series of sneak peeks


#WhereIsSB19 causes traction after a series of sneak peeks

Renzo Fuentes

August 11, 2022

  • SB19-WhereIsSB19

    Photo: Bandwagon Asia

    The P-pop boy band SB19 released a series of teasers across social media platforms. These announcements caused intrigue among fans as the group launched a cryptic sci-fi-themed trailer.

    The short clip tells of a new “futuristic gadget” arriving in Manila, alongside the arrival of 5 unknown men in an unidentified location. They have been said to travel a thousand miles in just a few seconds. The rest are followed with more teasers:

    With the apparent and continuous trend, A’Tin (SB19 fans) has been speculating about either an upcoming music video or a tour. For now, the announcements remain a mystery. Indeed, where is SB19?

    Listen below to hear more from the boy group:


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