Harry Styles makes almost 5-year Manila comeback with 'Love on Tour'


Harry Styles makes almost 5-year Manila comeback with ‘Love on Tour’

Renzo Fuentes

March 15, 2023

  • Five years since his last visit, multi-awarded former One Direction member Harry Styles made his return to the Philippines. Presented by Live Nation Philippines, the “Love On Tour” at the Philippine Arena was a success. The arena was swarmed with fans in Harry Styles-inspired fashion; hues of pink, colorful pieces, fur shawls, and more were seen among the crowd!

    Styles opened his show with “Music for a Sushi Restaurant,” and performed a few songs such as “Adore You” before talking to the Bulacan crowd. In between, he read the fan-made placards from the VIP area. One of which, he was told by one of the fans that they attended the Bangkok show just days ago. On the other hand, a fan proposed to him, and he responded – “Sneaky! We should get to know each other first. 2023 is the year we shoot our shot!” Not only one proposal was made – but another! He saw a sign from a girl who mentioned her boyfriend would only propose to her at the show if Harry would do it with him. Harry gave the boyfriend the chance to pick a song he can propose to and chose “Sign of the Times.” Styles even changed some of the lyrics, especially for the couple – and the proposal got a YES!

    Few songs later, he mellowed down as the crowd sang with him; in between, he said, “You can let it go, you can throw a party full of everyone you know. You can start a family who will always show you love; you don’t have to be sorry for doing it on your own.

    Later on, in the middle of “Treat People With Kindness,” the people from the standing area made their conga as Harry waved a pride flag. He, then, performed a revamped edition of his former band’s worldwide hit “What Makes You Beautiful” and danced with his percussionist Pauli.

    After a quick interlude, everyone switched their smartphone flashlights on and sang “Sign of the Times.” Harry said, “Manila did you have a good time with us tonight? You’ve been absolutely wonderful, thank you for the warm, warm welcome back.” Harry, later, thanked the band, crew, and everyone in the Philippine Arena. Before the encore, he finally noticed six people wearing banana costumes and proceeded to sing the ever-humorous “Banana Song.”

    To wrap up the night, he performed “Kiwi” and danced with his percussionist once again. He placed the pride flag on the mic stand and did “The Whale” – baptizing the arena with water, making the arena a “member” of “Harry’s House.”

    Thank you for a colorful, splendid night, Harry! ‘Til next time! ❤

    Photo Credits: Patricia Fuentes

    Relive the night by listening to Harry Styles below:


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