Tell me a little something about yourself:

The most difficult interview question ever! Who even knows about themselves? Haha. But I’m a radio jock hailing from Zamboanga City who likes to scroll aimlessly online to look at memes and cats.

How would you describe your job to a child:

“hey kid, you know how you get scolded for talking a lot in school? Well, I get paid to do that for work!” Haha! I say that with love for the child and my job.   

When you’re not talking over 96.3 Easy Rock, you’re probably in:

..a coffee shop, planning my days, or watching people go about their day. It’s relaxing. That, or I’d still be working through hosting events. Yeap, still getting paid to talk!  Oh, and by the ocean on weekends.

If you would change your on-air name what would it be?

Anne Curtis or Angel Locsin—because I think I emulate their beauty in some fashion. HAHAH. I’m obviously kidding. I don’t think I’d want to change it. “Shai” gives people the impression I’m shy, and we all know how untrue that is. :p

What is the first thing you do when you get up in the morning:

After saying a little prayer, I always reach for my phone! Always checking my phone. And hoping that maybe this time rereplyan na ako ng crush ko. HAHAHA.

Describe your life using film titles:

“A Series of Unfortunate Events”, “Pursuit of Happyness”, “Despicable me”, “Clueless”, and “Bridesmaids” because I’m always the bridesmaid, never the bride. Unless someone out there wants to help me change that? *wink* HAHAH!

What would you do with your “15 minutes” of fame:

I would use my fame/voice to save the ocean, save mother nature, and flex my fame while falling in line so they can tell me to go ahead off them :p

What’s the strangest talent you have:

I can do Stitch of Lilo and Stitch, and Goofy and Donald Duck. And no, you cannot ask for a sample.

How old were you when you realized Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny probably never actually knew one another in real life:

That’s a lie. I know for a fact that they meet at least once a year with the Tooth Fairy and the Sandman to talk about Bigfoot and the Lochness monster. Don’t @ me.

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go and why:

North Pole—to ask Santa why I’m not part of their yearly meetings.

If you could only choose one song to play every time you walked into a room for the rest of your life, what would it be:

“Isn’t She Lovely,” by Stevie Wonder—to set the tone for the lovely girl who will walk in: me.

If you were president, what is the first thing you would do: question please.

Who is your favorite super hero and why:

Batman—he doesn’t need radioactive, alien or mutant powers to kick butt. Him and Iron Man. And Thor, because.. *drools*

Lights on or Lights Off:

Dim lights.

Why are manhole covers round:

..probably the same reason why round pizzas are sliced in triangles, and are packed in square boxes.

(but fine, I you want a real answer, it’s because a round cover could not fall down it’s circular opening. A square one has a chance of giving a concussion to whoever’s down there)

Life Mantra:

“Never regret the things that made you happy”, and “Hope for the best, but expect the worst.”

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