Wanderlust: Asian Desserts you must try for a sweet travel experience!


Wanderlust: Asian Desserts you must try for a sweet travel experience!

Troyka Lunar

September 12, 2022

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    After a very long period of hard work, there are two things that we, Filipinos, love to do to de-stress: Food and Travel. And for us, the best way to de-stress is to have them both! So, we are giving you a list of Asia’s famous desserts that you can try on when you decide to wander around the beautiful cities of Asia!

    Tanghulu (China)


    Image Source: Yummy Kitchen

    Tanghulu is a popular Chineses Street Food consisting of granulated sugar, water, and a fruit of your choice. If you are into fruits, you’ll surely enjoy this dessert! Some of the best fruits are strawberries, grapes, mandarins, blueberries, oranges, pineapple, and kiwi. However, if you feel like exploring other fruits, feel free to do so, as this works well with any fruit!

    Nerikiri (Japan)


    Image Source: Bembum Kitchen

    Meanwhile, Japan serves a famous dessert depending on the current season. It reflects the country’s nature and scenery. The most well-known Nerikiri is the Sakura Nerikiri, available during the most awaited Cherry Blossom Season! Serving Nerikiri is best during tea ceremonies, but you can have it any time you want! All you need is a sweetened white bean jam, Chinese yam, and glutinous rice flour.

    Shwe Yin Aye (Myanmar)


    Image Source: Le Petit Journal

    Myanmar’s traditional dessert, Shwe Yin Aye, is a coconut cream-based dish. It comes from sweet sticky rice, pandan jelly noodles, and tapioca pearls. To spice it up, Burmese add a slice of white bread and combine it with the coconut cream. Myanmar’s street food vendors and restaurant owners offer this dessert, which is most famous during The Water Festival, popularly known as Thingyan.

    Khao Lam (Thailand)


    Aside from Mango Sticky Rice, one of the most known desserts in Thailand is Khao Lam. It is also a type of sticky rice served from bamboo. The ingredients mixed with the sticky rice are coconut shavings, sugar, and beans. Who doesn’t enjoy eating their food from freshly whacked bamboo? This dessert is one of the must-try not only in Thailand but also in some areas of Laos and Cambodia!

    Ma’amoul (Saudi Arabia)


    Image Source: Martha Stewart

    Ma’amoul is a middle eastern cookie with fruits and nuts filling. These ball-shaped cookies served with coffee or tea are famous, especially during Easter and Festivals. Hmm! What a perfect way to reward yourself after a month of Fasting, right? Even though this cookie seems bland outside, a sweet surprise will satisfy you from the inside! Not just an ordinary cookie, this dessert also teaches us an important life lesson! After a dull experience on the outside, there will be a sweet reward inside!

    Tteok (Korea)


    Image Source: SBS

    If you are a K-Drama fan, you might have heard of this sweet dessert! Tteok is a Korean rice cake that comes in different varieties such as songpyeon, chapssaltteok, garaetteok, and gyeongdan. Furthermore, this delicacy is not only enjoyed as a dessert, but also in other forms of Korean Meals like soup, stew, or stir-fry! Your Korean-inspired fridge wouldn’t be complete without a pack of Tteok in it!

    Pashmak (Iran)


    Image Source: Taste Atlas

    Pashmak may look like a weird noodle, but hey, you shall not judge a food by its appearance! This cotton candy-like Persian dessert blends the best with mousse or ice cream! It comes in flavors like sesame, rose water, cardamom, orange blossom, saffron, vanilla, or pistachio. If you are a fan of cotton candies, you’ll surely enjoy this angel’s hair treat from the heavens!

    Tavuk göğsü (Turkey)


    Image Source: Yemek

    Coming from its name, you’ll be able to get a hint of this dessert’s main ingredient. Surprisingly, Tavuk göğsü, or Chicken Breast, is what makes this dessert special. However, this does not only resemble a taste of a perfect chicken breast, as cinnamon and vanilla come into the picture. A cinnamon and vanilla-flavored chicken? Sounds weird, right? But wait ‘til you try it! This will not be popular as Turkey’s signature delicacy for nothing!

    Fènglísū (Taiwan)


    Image Source: Taste Atlas

    Aside from Milk Tea, one of Taiwan’s most popular treats is Fènglísū, or pineapple cakes. Pineapple cakes are a well-wishing gift to families in Taiwan, especially to newlyweds. It represents hope for the new family to have newborn children throughout the years. When you visit Taiwan, never miss a chance to try their famous Fènglísū for a happy life and tummy!

    Banh da lon (Vietnam)


    Image Source: Bach Hoa Xanh

    Banh da lon is a Vietnamese dessert in layers consisting of Pandan leaves, puréed mung beans, tapioca starch, rice flour, and coconut milk or water. It usually comes in green and yellow, steamed, or chilled before serving.  People sometimes call it a pig-skin cake as its texture resembles the skin of a pig. This dessert is one of the must-try delicacies in Vietnam, and no visitor shall miss trying its chewy and sweet flavors!

    So, the next time you decide to wander the beautiful sceneries in Asia, do not forget to try these famous desserts for an additional sweet experience!


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