The best drinks for you
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The best drinks for you

Romar Fernando

September 3, 2019


    Photo Credit: Gulf NewsTelegrafi, Roasty Coffee

    Have you ever wonder that whenever you quench for thirst, instead of having a conventional plain water, we tend to go with the dazzling array of choices?

    Yes, we are covered with so much choices in terms of beverages that will fully help in satisfying our thirst. Sweetened drinks such as sodas, carbonated drinks, fruit juices, energy drinks, those vitamin-enhanced water, caffeine products, milk tea and many more.

    But, come to think of it? Are these beverages good?

    A researcher at the Harvard University named Vasanti Malik is saying that we should be mindful of consuming too much of sweetened drinks.

    The dark side of sugary drinks speak not just about weight gain but to the risk also of diabetes, high blood pressure, liver and heart diseases.

    Sports and energy drinks are not so recommended because of quite bit of sugar and artificial colors and flavorings. Endurance seems to be more tuned in just drinking water and getting nutrients from food. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables will also help in meeting our vitamin and mineral requirements, so drinking enhanced waters doesn’t make sense at all.

    On the other hand, tea and coffee, contain plant-based compounds that can ease inflammations. Those who regularly drink either coffee or tea have lower rates of heart disease. Just be careful with coffee that it might interfere your good night sleep!

    So better choose a drink that is best for your mind and body.


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