Simple lunch ideas that you can prepare ahead of time


Simple lunch ideas that you can prepare ahead of time

Ellen Rose Oris

September 20, 2022

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    Nothing beats a good meal for baon, and now that face-to-face classes and work in the office resume, many of us really find it hard to think of an everyday food idea to pack for lunch while some also get tired of cooking the same recipe over again.

    Worry no more as we are here to share some insights. Not only are many of these food ideas relatively easy to find in your local grocery store, but they are also inexpensive and complement a variety of Filipino dishes with health benefits. These food recommendations may give you an idea of what to cook and prepare in the following week.


    Sisig Tofu 


    Source: Yummy.PH

    For sure anyone will love the delightful taste of this popular Kapangpangan dish with a healthy twist that is also perfect for vegans and those who are looking for cooking something more nutritional and tasty. This recipe is also inspired by the Crispy Tofu Sisig from Max’s restaurant! It is not just a perfect pair with rice but also as a pulutan for beer time. It’s savoury and spicy, with both a sour note and a hint of sweetness. You can also try to make an alternate version of it by using canned tuna instead of tofu.

    Cheese Omelette


    Source: This is Meal Prep

    The egg is a staple food in our household and it is our go-to food when we run out of stocks or we are too tired and lazy to cook something complicated. This super quick and easy recipe is great for a healthy breakfast and also for lunch at work. Most people like to cook omelettes but why not add more twists? You can add any type of cheese you prefer or add more healthy options like frozen mixed veggies and spring onions.

    Breaded Pork Cutlets 


    Source: Maggi.PH

    You can now cook and taste the famous Japanese pork dish in the comfort of your home. This food idea is very simple and you can make a lot of twists according to your own preference. Breaded pork cutlets only need a few ingredients that you can find inside your refrigerator and your stockpile. The catch is that you can make it more lively when you try to create a special sauce that you can add as a dip. The next time you will try frying pork, why not make a version with a kick.

    Sardine Pasta 


    Source: Oxford Freshmarket

    This is something different you can try if you want to prepare another dish aside from a rice meal. Pasta are good alternatives and they come in different kinds, and Sardine Pasta is one of them. It is the perfect time to upgrade your can of sardines and transform it into a satisfying and hearty meal. All the ingredients that you need are simple and for the main ingredient, you just need to prepare a can of sardine, or if you want to make it extra special a Spanish sardine variant is also a good deal. Unlike the regular pasta recipe that uses meat, this recipe makes you think that you should have tried it sooner. It is not just your typical pasta but something that you’ll surely love.

    There are lots of simple food ideas that you can try without making your budget compromised. The next time you think of buying take-out lunch, why not try to cook at your home with these simple and quick recipes that are also healthy and you can plan to cook ahead of time.


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