The scientific explanation behind the boiled lettuce water hack
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The scientific explanation behind the boiled lettuce water hack

Mitzi Santos

June 7, 2021



    Did you know that lettuce water can make you fall asleep due to its sedative-hypnotic property? Lettuce also known as Lactuca sativa is known for its medicinal value.

    Romain lettuce specifically is a cheap source of sleep potentiating material and antioxidant polyphenols thus proving that the trending videos on TikTok about the lettuce water hack is real! No cap!

    A TikToker named Shapla Hoque uploaded a video sharing a tip regarding this hacked and it already reached 4.4 million views. According to her caption, lettuce water makes you sleepy. And followed by how she pours boiling water on her washed lettuce leaves. She even added peppermint to add flavor.

    Aside from taking lettuce water, here are other ways to help improve your sleep

    According to Sleep Foundation, having a balanced and consistent diet can help in avoiding having sleep disorders:

    Avoid any caffeine intake specially during the latter part of the day. The stimulant effects coffee give you will keep you up all night.

    Eating late will make your digestion harder and this will give you more chances of getting acid reflux thus making it hard for you to sleep at night.

    You should also watch your alcohol consumption because this can also affect your sleep cycles.

    Balance is everything. You can rely on foods to having a sound sleep at night or you can simply improve your habits before bedtime.

    How about you? What is the best way to have a good sleep at night? Let us know in the comment section!


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