LOOK: Pancit Canton Makeover Made by Filipino Digital Artists
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LOOK: Pancit Canton Makeover Made by Filipino Digital Artists

Cai Camua

July 27, 2020


    Pancit Canton makeover by Filipino Digital Artists Made a Trend— Pancit Canton has been a part of our lives for a long time now, right? You cannot deny that we all have a fair share of memories while enjoying and savoring its instant goodness even at least once. As a child, a lot of us grew up loving Pancit Canton for merienda after playing outside, then partnering it with cold soft-drinks and freshly baked pandesal from our local bakeries! UGH good times, right? As a student and a working person, especially the ones who lived all alone far from their loving homes, Pancit Canton has been one of our best friends! Since we can rely on it for a lot of reasons; when we are saving money, when we are too busy to go out, and look for somewhere to eat, when we just want stay in our place when it’s raining or when we simply crave for something instant and good! Hence, Pancit Canton has always been a familiar choice or figure.

    But from all these years, have you seen or looked at your favorite instant noodles differently? We all got used to its bright colored and distinctly designed packaging that easily catches our attention when we are on supermarkets or when we are simply browsing in a sari-sari store, but we never really saw it on a very different way, right?

    But then, a lot of imaginative minds on the internet decided to have a little fun with their favorite instant noodles and redesign its packaging! This entertaining random shenanigan went viral and garnered more artists to try and create their own motifs giving a lot of people who stumble upon them, good vibes.
    Showing their care to the environment by simply coming up with a eco-friendly design like this:

    What about the most convenient way to bring your pack of noodles? Hmm?

    And what about aesthetic and minimalist all at once?

    What more to the classic and creative ones? Check these out!


    Were you also reminiscing all the good times of its evolution as part of your growing up?

    Comment and share with us your favorite flavor of Pancit Canton!


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