ORDER HERO: Stop cancelling orders, start saving lives
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ORDER HERO: Stop cancelling orders, start saving lives

Cai Camua

April 1, 2020

  • Have you heard about the famous group circulating around social media today? Its goal is to at least save the efforts of the riders, encourage them, and most importantly, to return the money of the riders from all the cancellations they are experiencing. Order Hero is a public and free access to all Facebook users where some of the famous food riders re-sells the cancelled orders by posting it on Order Hero Facebook group where anyone is welcome to buy those cancelled meals. It has now 204.5K members and still growing really fast each day.


    See more details here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/527198101563670

    This Order Hero Facebook page all started when a netizen noticed this rider from one of the used riding brands, eating the cancelled order from a famous fast food that was almost costs Php 300. The Rider also said that those canceled orders can be reimbursed to their company. The only worry is that it takes time to return the borrowed money.

    Photo by: Natdemzon Lazo Pagkanlungan

    A lot of netizens were thankful and expressed their appreciation and admiration to the riders so as the riders who were able to get helped by the Order Hero.


    Source: Order Hero Facebook page

    This is a big reminder for us to stop cancelling our orders. Because big or small amount can keep a family from hunger. It may not look pricey to us but for them, it is. Let’s help each other in this time of trials and unfortunate events in our country. Let us also respect these people who are still doing their best to serve us and who will cross the ocean just to satisfy our wants and needs.



    Let’s all tag #NoToCancelledOrders and  be a hero to a hero.


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