Online marketplaces via Viber group you can check out and join!
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Online marketplaces via Viber group you can check out and join!

Cai Camua

June 1, 2020


    Hashtag new norm. As in, new normal! Yes, you read that right. As you can tell, everything is online now, from ordering take-out food, shopping for yourself, kids or your pets, stock food or buying items online that you don’t even need but you just felt like buying. It might be more convenient for you to buy this way, but for some, they are still looking for the satisfaction they get while shopping in a traditional way, or in other words, shopping outside.

    But have you heard of these new groups that offer simpler ways of fetching things?

    As we are now living in a digital world, you can easily search for anything you like and interests you online. So let me walk you through some online groups that will help you a lot to deal with this new norm.

    If you are in a corporate world I’m pretty sure Viber is your new favorite magical tool to communicate and connect with your officemates. So, why not extend the use of it more and maximize its perks, right?

    Several Viber marketplaces and groups are now offering you variety of services for your convenience and safety with just one click! These groups are offering food, supplies, fitness guides, and for fur-parents our there, they are also offering maintenance for your pets! What a really good deal right?

    So, here’s a compilation of links of those marketplaces and groups that you might want to join.


    • Phoenix Kitchen Buddies
    Oplan Gulay
    Food Contacts Community
    Homebaking and Supplies NCR
    Great Eats – Foof Only Post
    Marketplace Manila
    BGC Goods and Sevices
    Food Directory Community
    Fruits and Vegetables Manila
    Sikap Farms
     P.F. Frozen Seafood
    Wack Wack RD Marketplace
    • Great Eats!

    Other services in these groups are also available for you to check out. So, if you need other services like for example purchasing or fixing some of your furniture, here’s a list that might help you in that area.


    Furniture and Applicances
    Non-Food Directory PH
    Hardware Construction Group

    If you want to get updated regarding the status of this pandemic, skin care related and a health conscious talk here’s a good list for you that you can freely join and enjoy!


    • DOH PH COVID-19
    Gym and Fitness Marketplace MM
    Beauty and Wellness PH
    • Stay Healthy PH!

    Lastly, for income, if you are into some sort of doing business or want to get some tips on how to put up a business, how to grow it and purchase with actual conversation with peers who are most likely similar to you, here are the some links.


    Work From Home + Online Help
    • E-Marketplace buy/sell
    • New Manila Buy&Sell
    • Entrepnegosyo

    Additional, for your pets!


    I heart my Pet Market Place

    With these, you can also expand your knowledge and ask for help regarding the things that confuses you or you are not really sure of. This is a good exercise for you to express your thoughts and converse with peers with the same interest of you especially during this unfortunate moments. These groups might be waiting for you, join now!


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