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How to naturally obtain collagen

Leanne Josephine C. Austria

March 27, 2023

  • Collagen has been displayed as the one who works miracle for our skin. From stronger bones, less wrinkles to glowing and bright skin, collagen seems to be the answer to growing old. But regardless of all the hype, can boosting your collagen really accomplish these things? 

    So, here’s the good news, the answer is yes. There are several studies that say that adding collagen-rich foods or supplements to your diet gives a wide range of benefits and it truly does help improve the health of your skin, joints, hair and bones.  

    While most collagen products claim that it can give you better skin, nails and an eternally youthful look, there are plenty of ways to get collagen naturally. To be honest, it’s actually better to get collagen from the foods you eat rather than drinking a pill. Below, we’ll help you understand what collagen is and the role it plays in your body, so you can make the best decisions. 

    Try getting collagen from foods first before supplements! 

    According to Carrie Gabriel (2012), a registered dietician, “Foods like bone broth contain a bioavailable form of collagen your body can use right away, making it arguably superior to supplements,” This also concluded that fruits and vegetables are the safest and healthiest approach to boosting skin health. Say yes to a more natural approach!  

    If you had to choose just one food to increase your levels of collagen, the best answer is to have bone broth. When you simmer beef, chicken or fish bones in water, collagen and other minerals seep into the water, delivering a delicious and nutrient-dense liquid. Try planning ahead of time when you make your own bone broth, like a day or two would do so it won’t be hard for you to prepare it. Plus, it has richer collagen! 

    The most effective way is through a well-balanced diet.  

    Our body naturally produces collagen. It uses amino acids, vitamin C, copper, and zinc. So, to get the necessary amino acids that our body needs, you can eat eggs, bone broth, beans and meat. For vitamin C, go for citrus fruits, berries and bell peppers. Eat more meat, fish, nuts, whole grains and beans. 

    If you want to boost your collagen production, includes these foods on your diet: 


    Bone broth 

    Shell fish 

    Pork skin 





    Bell peppers 


    Eating a well-balanced combination of these foods is the best way to boost your collagen levels.  

    For best results, try taking some advice from an expert and always speak with your doctor before starting any new wellness routine. 


    If the world of supplements and freaky skin treatments doesn’t work for you, you can definitely take a more natural approach to increasing your collagen. Plus, it’s safer and cheaper! 

    Plus, since over-the-counter supplements are largely unregulated, it’s probably safer to stick with a dietary approach to boosting collagen. 



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