Your MBTI personality roles as Filipino food


Your MBTI personality roles as Filipino food

Rean Christine T. Estimo

August 1, 2022

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    Has anyone asked you about your Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality type or ever heard anything about it at all?

    Whether this is one of your favorite topics or is somehow new to you, we happily invite you to dig in more through food! It’s a language many of us would understand. So, get ready! This is the time to embrace our “You are what you eat” mantra of the day!

    But first, let’s understand MBTI.


    The Appetizer: What is MBTI?

    The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is an assessment test developed by Isabel Briggs Myers and her mother, Katharine Briggs, after Carl Jung’s theory of personality types. The questions would identify the taker’s personality type from a total of 16 personality types. The roles are categorized into four: The Analysts, The Sentinels, The Explorers, and The Diplomats. This helps them understand their individual preferences, strengths, and weaknesses. It also allows them to know their probable careers and more. Take note, none of these personality types is better than the other. Instead, the general goal of this inventory is to learn and understand oneself better.


    The Main Course: MBTI personality roles as Filo food

    First on the menu are The Analysts.


    Analysts often decide using their heads rather than their hearts. With their strong curiosity, they tend to be more creative and cleverer when it comes to finding answers. They are logical thinkers, strategists, and creative ones. And hey, they perfectly mirror coconuts! Not only do coconuts shape like big heads, but they are also composed logically. The coconut shell protects the coconut meat and then the coconut water inside. You can also creatively transform coconuts into various kinds of food. From the coconut meat and water itself, coconut flour, macapuno, and coconut milk are made strategically into lots of Filipino dishes and desserts! Analysts tend to be more socially selective, and can work and live by themselves, which is true for fresh coconuts! One can eat a coconut by itself, and surprisingly be already satiated afterward. 


    The Sentinels


    With their confidence and grounded character, the sentinels are happy the way they are. They are also “careful and consistent, hence are self-motivated,” according to NERIS Analytics Limited. Just like the sentinels, the beloved Filipino dish, adobo, certainly embodies comfortability in the way it tastes. Plus, simple in terms of ingredients and preparation, adobo meets with groundedness in nature. Sentinels also tend to look for stability and diligently work which makes them deserve being a foundation of any group. And without a doubt, the delicious adobo continues to be the mainstay of all the Filipino dishes.

    The Explorers


    Photo source:

    Are you into thrilling situations and are highly adaptable to them? If you are, then you’re probably an Explorer in the MBTI Role. 

    Explorers are flexible types of people. They can adapt to situations, and take note, it is despite without any heads up whatsoever. They are also fond of acquiring new information and skills from vast topics. Matching this level of adaptability and love for exciting situations is the sili ice cream from Bicol. Who would not turn a second look upon seeing and hearing the name of such delicacy, right? The spice and hotness that touch one’s taste buds would immediately leave one thinking about the thrill this food possesses. Not to mention the adaptability that it has, considering the combination of ice cream and real chili! This food, just like the Explorers, is definitely going places. Oooh! Looks like Dora’s found its food counterpart, huh! Kidding!


    The Diplomats


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    We all know diplomats to be the gentle and caring type. They thrive through connecting with people and are naturally cooperative rather than competitive. If there would be one thing that would describe them, it would be emotion. They connect and understand not only themselves but human emotion in general. People under this Role would also choose to have deeper conversations than small talks with the people they meet.

    Diplomats are surely warm, just like the homely hot lugaw. Especially when it’s rainy weather, lugaw are companions to people. They make people feel at home and connected with themselves and the people around them (of course, when eating together.) Although often scorching upon being poured on one’s bowl, lugaw can make people feel like they are being cared for. Here’s more, this delish food is not only what was mentioned above. The more you can easily purchase or cook them, the closer it to people.


    The Dessert: Takeaway

    How did you like our MBTI [meal] course for today? The study elaborates these personalities more profoundly. They are a glimpse and fun way of somehow connecting more with our personalities to the food we love. I’m sure you’re curious about it as well (and if not, hope that this made you think about it too).

    If you want to take the test to find out your personality type, you may visit 16 Personalities’ Website!

    But remember, always take things with a grain of salt! 


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