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Make it a practice: clean as you go

Romar Fernando

June 6, 2019


    Photo Credit: Junery Ace Villa

    Have you encounter a restaurant where it is self-service? Wherein customers are obliged to clean up their tables after eating?

    Do you remember the story of a mother, who helped her daughter, who happened to be alone in cleaning soiled tables in a popular Pinoy fast food chain?

    In the Philippine context, we tend to leave tables in restaurants after we consume our orders. And frankly speaking, most of the times, it looks so untidy. Because it looks so disorganized, it is always a headache for the staff to clean everything left chaotic.

    In the Land of Rising Sun, Japan, people eating in restaurants, even in common food courts, collecting their soiled eating stuff, put it on a tray, and placing it on a rack and soon to be collected by crews.

    Typically, fast food chains are meant to be self-service. We order our food in counters, get our utensils, extra sauce, straws, even extra water to drink on designated areas. And the self-service perspective extends after we have finished our meals. The least that we can do is to collect them all and leave the table in the most organized manner.

    Throwing away our terrific habits which vividly becomes a tradition, let us make it a habit that we used to clean up our tables everytime we eat on restaurants, even on fast food chains. Let us make it a habit cleaning our crumbs, the spilled drinks and sauce.

    It will be a better taste in our manners and conduct if we help each other in promoting cleanliness and hygiene in and outside of our house.

    With such a clean table, it will simply helps overworked staff. Doing this habit, it will promote common courtesy to the next customers who will use the same table. Most importantly, it will just promote food hygiene. One factor to consider is, the way our own dining tables in our houses are maintained and cleansed, let us bring it outside our homes.

    While such lifestyles are so difficult to change, most especially if multiple excuses are being rendered, but keep in mind that it is not impossible to reverse the trend. If we are going to introduce this little kind of gesture, it is another way to cultivate a healthy and loving society with kindness bestowed to others.


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