Make breakfast a daily habit
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Make breakfast a daily habit

Romar Fernando

February 7, 2019


    Photo Credit: Harvard Health Publishing

    Do you take your breakfast everyday?

    In our fast-paced society today, that even skipping our daily meals is an option, we tend to disregard the bad effects of skipping meals, most especially breakfast, in our body system.

    Yes, your mom was always right. She is right whenever she tells you to have your breakfast always.

    It is commonly known that we are fasting whenever we sleep at night. Our body is working so hard to work to digest. This is the very reason why by the time we wake up in the morning, our body and brain are demanding a brand-new fuel. It is called “breaking the fast” or what we call it “breakfast.” We must do it right and benefit all day.

    What’s a good breakfast? How will your breakfast will make you energetic the whole day? According to Harvard Health Publishing, we must follow creative tips for an energy-boosting breakfast.

    It is very important that we should include protein in our meal. Eggs are good for healthy people. Though yolks are high in cholesterol, eggs do have proteins, vitamins and other nutrients that will make you alive all the day. Just limit having processed meats and include fats such as those in nuts and fish.

    We must eat in, not out. It is better to eat breakfast in house than out where fast food chains are having large chance to invite you to eat. Much of the traditional breakfast, start your day with loads of quality carbs and fat, most probably from grains, vegetables and fruits. Fast food will just offer you with those high with sodium and low fiber.

    Blend up with something smoothie. Processed food is usually not healthful but a little home processing is okay. Know your coffee drink, it might get you unhealthy because high calories and high-saturated fat just in a basic cup of coffee. Why not try make a juice out of fruits, yogurt and other ingredients that suits you.

    Enjoy your meal!


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