Live your best coffee life: explore different types of coffee beans according to your taste.


Live your best coffee life: explore different types of coffee beans according to your taste.

Ellen Rose Oris

September 22, 2022

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    Millions of people worldwide enjoy coffee as one of their favorite drinks. Some people find it hard to start their day without getting a cup of hot coffee in the morning. Arguably, coffee has been there since then, and it is so hard to imagine living without coffee. True coffee enthusiasts are aware that there are countless varieties of coffee, including cappuccino, mocha, and espresso. Knowledge about the different types of coffee beans that gives it a strong and distinct flavor is not familiar to most of us. We can explore the differences between the coffee beans that you will come across in this habit. So the next time you drink coffee, you can choose the best pick that suits your taste.

    Coffee beans, which are the roast seeds of the coffee fruit, are use to make the brew beverage coffee. Every cup that you sip varies in flavor and aroma depending on the type of bean that is  processed,  and where it come from.

    First on the list is the most popular type of bean used for coffee, which is the Arabica bean. This makes up about 60% of the world’s consumption for coffee . It is also known the “Adam or Eve” of all coffees. Given its popularity, it has a high quality and more expensive compare to other types of coffee beans. This produces coffee with a softer and sweeter flavor.

    Next on the list is the second most popular type of bean, which is the Robusta. Robusta coffee is frequently perceive as harsher and more bitter than Arabica. It has a strong aroma and a taste that is bland and almost scorched. Robusta beans have a lot more caffeine than Arabica beans. Because it is a less expensive variety compare to Arabica, it is a budget-friendly choice for roasters.

    Following the popularity of the Arabica and Robusta, this  variant has a controversial reputation because of its unique and unusual taste. The Liberica bean is valued for its strong, smokey taste and floral aroma. In the Philippines, where it is known as “kapeng barako”, is where most famous Liberica coffee come from considering it makes up 2 % of the world’s supply of the bean.

    Last but not least, the Excelsa, which is the fourth main variety of coffee beans. Scientists recently reclassify as a Liberica variant, even though it was previously believe to be a distinct coffee species. In terms of flavor, Excelsa beans are peculiar because of  lighter aroma and caffeine while maintaining the unusual depth of flavor.

    Now that we are now familiar with the different types of coffee beans, make sure to try out all of them. You can choose which one best describes you as a coffee lover. Given how much people adore and are dependent to coffee. It is not surprising that a day is set aside to honor one of the most cherished drinks.

    International Coffee Day is traditionally celebrated on October 1 to appreciate as well as promote the use of coffee. It also gives a chance to raise awareness and help the coffee farmers in their plight. It also help out in promoting the trade fair and living wages as part of their welfare.

    There are various things to explore about coffee, starting from the history of coffee.  Also, the various benefits of coffee for our bodies and the risks that involve the consumption of coffee. At the end of the day, we appreciate how it takes a lot of effort to provide this aromatic and flavorful beverage, whether it is hot or cold.


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