Korea.. in Manila? The up-and-coming Koreatown food crawl!


Korea.. in Manila? The up-and-coming Koreatown food crawl!

Eryka Sumulong

August 8, 2022

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    We all know the ever-famous Chinatown located at Binondo. There, you’ll find a glimpse of what Chinese culture looks like (and tastes like, of course!) Binondo food crawls are the benchmark, but the Hallyu Wave is rushing behind it fast!

    Located at the heart of Malate is the newly established Koreatown Manila. As of June 16, 2021, the Manila City Council and the South Korean Embassy have partnered up to establish a small community. Of course, it features not just arts and culture, but cuisine as well.

    Here are the go-to K-Restos around Koreatown Manila that would surely tickle your tastebuds!

    First on the list is Mak Chang 황소막창. They deliver a premium (and pricey) Korean Barbecue experience with food like the classic Samgyupsal Pork Belly and Woo Samgyup, its beef counterpart. Besides meat, you can also enjoy a variety of soup and noodles! The fan favorites are Kimchi Jiggae and Ramyeon. Perfect for mukbang, right?

    If you wish to eat KBBQ for a lesser price, Fantastic Chef Malate has got you! Offering Unlimited Samgyupsal for only less than 600 Pesos, the restaurant serves you a selection of pork, beef, and chicken. Worry not about the quality because the dishes here are prepared by a 3-star Michelin restaurant chef, namely Chef Jang Jung Yun. Talk about cheap but worth it!

    Up for a Korean Street food galore? Many Unlimited Toppokki is jam-packed with different types of food you’d find in the streets of Korea. Some of these are odeng fishcakes, kimbap, and the popular tteokbokki. If you want to grill meat, they have a KBBQ menu as well to satisfy your full Korean Meal cravings. A real treat for the tummy without spending too much money!

    Bonus: if you wish to be the chef of your own Korean kitchen, Manila Korea Town offers cooking classes that teach you how to cook Korean dishes! Take into your own hands the intricacy of making Japchae, Kimbap, and other hearty meals. Just make sure to catch their posts on time so you can register!

    A year has passed since the establishment of Koreatown Manila, and it’s already this exciting. Wondering what lies ahead in the next few years makes us hungry.. So let’s go and start our KFoodcrawl now!


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