Kitchen Police: Five common mistakes you must be aware of


Kitchen Police: Five common mistakes you must be aware of

Troyka Lunar

August 15, 2022

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    They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. When we meet new people, we always want to impress them with good food. Easier said than done, right? But sometimes, things in the kitchen do not always go as planned. Making mistakes in the kitchen is inevitable, but it pays to know some of the common tips you must keep in mind when you do your thing in the kitchen!


    Thou shall not use oil when boiling a pasta

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    You might have heard that putting oil on boiling water stops the noodles from sticking together. But, hey! Has it ever crossed your mind that oil makes your sauce slide off your pasta? Yes! That’s why sometimes, the sauce does not stick well on your pasta. Aside from that, never wash your pasta with cold water as it removes the starch from your noodles. One important rule when making pasta: starchier water gives the sauce a perfect chance to stick with the pasta and make your meal tastier! If you worry about the noodles sticking together, you only have to put salt on your water and ensure that it is boiling well before adding the pasta. Don’t forget to stir it so it will not stick to the pan!


    Thou shall not cut your meat right after it cooks

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    If you are a fan of Hell’s Kitchen, you know how Chef Gordon often asks the chefs, “Did you let the meat rest?” Why? Here’s the thing! We all know that you love meat, and how it feels the first time you see your freshly cooked meat right off the pan! But as the saying goes, “Patience is a virtue!” One important rule when cooking is to let your meat rest before slicing or serving it! You must allow it to rest, not because you don’t want to consume it while it’s hot, but because you are about to miss a lot of its flavor! Letting it rest allows its flavors and juices to stay inside. So, the next time you cook your meat, make sure that you let it sit for a while for a better dining experience!


    Thou shall not ignore even a single detail in the recipe

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    Picture this, you are about to cook for your in-laws for the first time, and you want to impress them with your cooking skills. So, you look for a new recipe and practice it at home! That’s nice! But, never take no notice of even a single detail from the ingredients to the procedures! “1 cup of bell peppers, chopped,” is different from “1 cup of chopped bell peppers.” You must know when to measure it first before chopping and vice versa! It may look like a small detail, but it actually makes a difference!


    Thou shall not use olive oil for everything

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    Research shows that the usage of olive oil when cooking gives a lot of health benefits. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again! Do not use olive oil for everything. If you are only cooking for something that would require medium heat, by all means, use olive oil. However, if your meal requires high heat, do yourself a favor by not using it! Olive oil has a low smoke point that begins to produce smoke earlier than any other oil. When you use olive oil on high heat, it may cause the oil to form harmful compounds and put your health at risk.


    Thou shall not add garlic and onions at the same time

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    Here’s the general rule: Onion must always go first! Garlic only requires about 30 seconds of heat before it burns, while onions take about 8 minutes to sauté. So, to avoid your garlic from burning, make sure that the onion goes first into the pan, and avoid a long stir on your garlic! It’s not true that it doesn’t matter what goes first, because the truth is, it does!  You wouldn’t want to serve a bitter-tasting meal to your friends or family, right?

    Remember these and you’ll be one step ahead of your game!


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