On the go healthy burger ideas!
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On the go healthy burger ideas!

Cai Camua

March 10, 2020

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    Are you a health conscious but loves burger all at the same time?

    Well, this is for you!

    As we all know, burger is one of the known and best go-to snacks around the world. Little did we know, burgers are really good for artistry! You can use your creativity here that can also be served as your de-stressor as you make them for your packed snack or meal “baon” to work/school.

    Can you imagine the taste of the buns, meat, vegetables, and/or fruits all at once? Sounds really good, right?

    So, here’s the deal, are you on a fatty-diet? No worries, because Avocado is your friend here! Avocado is a good source of fat that’s why it’s totally okay. The simple and bland taste of Avocado can be as magical as you want it to be only with the sweet and salty taste of burger patties. Cut it the way you want or just smash  it and put it on the top of your burger patty with some lettuce and tomatoes. That’s it! You now have your Avocado Burger that is ready to go with you anywhere.

    The second idea is the cheapest one. Do you have Malunggay tree outside your house? Well, this one is super great for burgers and your appetite! Just get some malunggay leaves and have it boiled then smash fairly. Mix the smashed malunggay leaves with mayonnaise then add some salt and pepper. Sit for two minutes then it’s all good for your burger! Easy and light to do, right?

    The last idea is Munggo burger patty. Boil an amount of munggo seeds, blend or smash it very well, add some eggs, flour and seasonings then form it like normal burger patties or maybe you can try to play with shapes depending on you then fry it. You now have Munggo patties that is ready for your no-meat burger. Isn’t it fun to do?

    You now have three new ideas for your healthy yet delicious burgers?

    Hmmm, are you excited to make your meal pretty extra? Well, it’s time to do these ideas and taste!


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