Foods that you crave at home this quarantine
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Foods that you crave at home this quarantine

Cai Camua

April 20, 2020

  • Imagine: lunch out with your workmates because it’s your payday, fun merienda with your classmates after school, and a special dinner with your loved ones. You miss them, right?

    We are now on the 36th day of the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) and we are sure that aside from missing your friends and the thought of being outside, you also miss the foods that you used to eat with your loved ones (or even alone) at your favorite restaurants.

    Listed are some foods that you surely miss during this ECQ:

    1. Flavored Unli wings


    Source: Rock Recipes

    Remember how you and your company compete on how many flavored chicken wings you can eat? And what flavor do you enjoy the most?
    2. Milk Tea


    Source: The Forked Spoon

    This has been your usual drink even while working, right? For some, this became their water replacement. But because there are limited places who offers this now, we understand if you miss drinking your favorite drink!

    3. Takoyaki


    Source: Japan Centre

    I know, one of your most cravings is the delicious heaven-taste of Takoyaki. How many takoyakis can you finish in 2 minutes?

    4. Street foods/ Tusok-tusok


    Source: Pinterest

    This is one of the most go-to foods that everybody loves. The tusok-tusok and/or inihaw are the easiest to find because every corner of the street has this one. But now, the streets are empty and nobody’s selling.

    5. Samgyupsal


    Source: Discover MNL
    You have a favorite place for Samgyupsal. This is your comfort food and stress reliever after a long and stressful day. And we know that this is what you look forward to!

    There are a lot of ways for you to taste these even at home. You can improvise and experiment to create your own. You just have to be creative in preparing these or just look for available delivery partners. This might be quite expensive because of our situation right now, but in a way, we can help the drivers to have an income.

    Miss them a lot?

    As long as this pandemic isn’t over, just stay at home and enjoy the company of your family! Stay safe and healthy!


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