Food Diary Diet Apps You Can Use to Survive “No Shape December”
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Food diary diet mobile apps you can use to survive “No Shape December”

Albert Rosales

December 13, 2021

  • Food diary diet mobile apps you can use to survive “No Shape December”


    Now that “No Shape December” is already here, it might be hard for us to keep up with our regular diet, especially with the ease of quarantine protocols; families, friends, and colleagues are now all eager to have their own parties and gatherings.


    However, you should not let your body take the toll from all these buffets and eat-all-you-can extravaganza. Good thing, you have a very portable solution to help you control what you eat. Here are some helpful food diary diet mobile apps that will guide you through your eating lifestyle.


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    Lose It! App

    Lose It! is a user-friendly app dedicated to monitor your calorie intake and record your weight. The application can determine how many calories you can take on a regular basis depending on your weight, age, and health goals.


    Aside from giving you a personalized calorie limit, Lose It! also has a barcode where you can scan foods you are consuming. It will be easier to track your food intake since they have over 33 million foods, brands, and restaurants in their database.


    The only setback about this app is that it doesn’t track the vitamins you’re taking in.


    Speaking of counting calories, MyFitnessPal’s sole focus is to integrate calorie monitoring into your diet plan. According to studies, people gain weight if they take in more calories than they can burn off.


    Once you record the food you intake, MyFitnessPal will give you a breakdown of the nutrients inside your food, especially the calories. The app can give you a progress report with a pie chart that shows you an overview of your fat, carbohydrates, and protein consumption.


    Aside from that, it also has a news feed where users can share their usual diets and daily calorie intakes.


    Some of the downsides of this app is in relation to its database. Though it covers at least 11 millions food and restaurants in their system, some of the foods have multiple options. Thus, it might be confusing on which exact option you should choose. 


    Also, some of the options are given by their users so it might not be entirely accurate.


    Research shows that people who have support in their diet programs tend to be more successful than those who do not. With this in mind, FatSecret could be the best food diary diet app for you.


    The app also has tons of healthy recipes that you can make depending on your diet plan. On top of that, FatSecret also has a diary where you can document your experience, including your successes and drawbacks.


    The best thing about this mobile app is their Professional Tools. This tool can help you share your diet regimen including weight data to your preferred healthcare providers.


    However, due to its various tools, FatSecret could be a bit of a complicated food diary app if you are looking for a user-friendly app.

    WW App

    While most of the apps here are about monitoring your food intake, WW app or Weight Watchers provide personalized coaching for their users. It means that you can get professional diet coaching depending on your goal.


    Unfortunately, their face-to-face coaching is only available in the US. But WW App also has digital meetings where you can participate and share your diet regimen anywhere. Besides that, they have an activity tracker, weekly workshops, and reward system to keep their users involved in every program.


    However, some of their great features like coachings and workshops are only available if you pay a subscription fee.


    Noom is a food diary diet app that guides you in your daily routine by making changes in your lifestyle. The app will assign you your daily calorie limit based on answers to several lifestyle and health-related questions.


    Aside from lifestyle changes, Noom can also record your exercises as well as your other health indicators like blood sugar levels.


    But just like WW App, you can only access some of their awesome tools if you pay for the subscription fee. It includes virtual health coaching like mindful eating practices. But what’s a few pesos if it means you can properly balance your eating regimen?


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