Doggo lifestyle check: Types of food your dogs must not have!


Doggo lifestyle check: Types of food your dogs must not have!

Troyka Lunar

August 22, 2022


    As we grow old, one of the most important things we consider for our health is the food we take. However, if you have a fur baby at home, you might also want to consider the food you should keep away from your dogs! So, we are giving you some of them, and the reasons why they should not have it by hook or by crook.

    Ham and Bacon

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    Who doesn’t love to eat ham and bacon? Well, we know that you want your dog to have the best food in the world. Unfortunately, ham and bacon are big no-nos! Pork causes pancreatitis in dogs, which is known to be one of the many life-threatening diseases a dog can have. Moreover, ham and bacon are high-sodium food that contains too much salt. Not only that it is dangerous for your dog, but it can harm your health as well.


    Garlic, Onions, and Chives

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    You may already know that onions can harm dogs as they are part of the Allium Genus Family. These Sulfur Compounds can be harmful to your dog when ingested. Aside from onion, garlic and chives are also from the Allium Genus Family and can poison your lovely dog. It damages your dog’s red blood cells and may lead to bloody urine, anemia, and gastroenteritis. These may give additional flavors to our food, but accidental ingestion of these may cause harm to our little companions.



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    Some nuts are not much of a threat to your dog, especially if unsalted or unseasoned. However, too much of it may lead to an upset stomach and other health issues. In addition, some nuts, such as macadamia nuts, may cause vomiting and rapid heartbeat. Moreover, macadamia nuts can cause paralysis in dogs 12 to 24 hours after consumption. So, the next time you store nuts in your home, keep them away from your fur babies to avoid problems in the future.


    Raw Eggs

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    Eggs are one of the meals that are good for dogs as it provides nutrients to your fur baby. However, giving them raw eggs is another story. Here’s why! Raw eggs have enzymes affecting your dog as it blocks their body from vitamin absorption. Moreover, giving them raw eggs comes with the possibility of poisoning your dogs with Salmonella or E. coli which are pretty much dangerous to your baby’s health.


    Yeast Dough

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    If you are to ask if yeasts are suitable for dogs, the answer is a big NO! They are extremely toxic to dogs, and the consumption of products with yeast does no good to your dog’s health. Since yeasts are used for bread doughs to help them rise, it has the same effect on your dog’s stomach. It can expand the dog’s abdomen and cause swelling. Aside from the uneasy feeling, expansion in the dog’s stomach also produces poisonous alcohol that may give your dog a life-threatening disease.


    Of course, sometimes, our dogs can be a little naughty and ingest these types of food without our knowledge. If that happens, observe your babies and get them to the nearest veterinarian if something unusual occurs.


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