DIY: How to make Kori Kohi Coffee?
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DIY: How to make Kori Kohi Coffee?

Cai Camua

April 27, 2020

  • As we all know, Dalgona Coffee is still famous in a lot of places around the globe because of its unique looks that is Instagram-ready, its tasty combination of the foamy coffee syrup with milk and more importantly, its easy-to-do process. But, have you heard of the new trend on how to serve your coffee aesthetically? If not, then this is for you! If you are very eager to work on your perfect Dalgona Coffee, Kori Kohi Coffee will make your day a cup more energized, productive and surely social-media-feed worthy.

    Kori-Kohi-Rei-GermarPhoto by: Rei Germar

    What is Kori Kohi?

    Kori Kohi is a popular drink from UCC which is basically coffee frozen into ice cubes and served in a glass with warm milk. Put them all together, you also have the option to put some sweetener if you are a fan of the sweets. The iced coffee cubes will slowly melt as it embraces the warm milk which results in one tasty milky iced coffee drink.


    Same as goes with making Dalgona, Kori Kohi also has only 3 ingredients.

    1. 2 tbsp Instant Coffee
    2.  1 1/2 cups Water
    3.  Warm milk
    4.  Sugar (Optional)

    How to make Kori Kohi?

    Melt the 2 tbsp of coffee in the hot water until all the coffee bits are dissolved fairly. When done, put it on the ice tray and let it freeze overnight or whenever as long as it is formed like ice cubes. Fill your glass with the iced coffee you made and pour it with warm milk and serve it with some bread you have in your home or any other pastries you enjoy! Easy right?

    Reminder to those who is having lack of air lately because summer is approaching, this might cause you a little palpitation. Best recommendation is to choose a coffee that works for your case so that you can still enjoy doing these kinds of activities by yourself or with your family at home.



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