Dalgona Coffee is your new friend at home!
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Dalgona Coffee is your new friend at home!

Cai Camua

March 23, 2020



    Are you a coffee shop lover? Well, this one is for you!

    Are you sick of being at home and can’t go to coffee shops where you and your friends used to hangout at? Or whenever you have something to work on and you prefer to be outside because one, you enjoy all the alone time and second, of course because of the food they serve? Well, to let you know, you can still have that coffee shop ambiance you are craving for while still being in an enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) inside your house. Just wow, right?

    You may encounter this a lot of times, whether it is on tiktok, Instagram or in any other social media sites. Dalgona Coffee, one of the famous drinks that is being hyped on social media because of only three ingredients! Very doable and exciting!

    Ready to make your own? Prepare now the ingredients that you will be needing; coffee, white sugar, and milk.

    A little trivia for you, Dalgona Coffee, also known as ‘whipped coffee’, was said to be born in places like India, Pakistan, and Macao. It was nicknamed in South Korea for its likeness of taste with toffee candy called Dalgona.

    Now, let’s proceed on how to make it yourself!

    Mix well the instant coffee and white sugar together with hot water then beat them gradually up to a good speed to get the perfect smooth caramel color of your Dalgona. It is much better if you have an electronic hand mixer or mixer for a faster result. Blender will also do but you might not get what texture you want because of the bubbles it may produce along the process. Proceed to your empty glass, pour some ice and milk then put the fluffy coffee cream on the top.

    There you have it! You can now enjoy your drink and serve it with some cookies or biscuits while having a group call with your friends or while you are working at home with the ambiance of your favorite coffee shop. What’s better than the smell of coffee while having these, right?


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