Buko Pie: It's more than just a go-to pasalubong
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Buko Pie: It’s more than just a go-to pasalubong

Mitzi Santos

September 14, 2021


    Photo from philstarlife.com

    Field trips will never be complete without a box of the famous buko pie from Colette’s.

    At least majority of the field trip goers or everyone who gets to visit Laguna, get a hold of a box of the famous local delicacy.

    Indeed, it has played a huge role in everyone’s life. From a simple delicacy, it has become a staple pasalubong for Pinoys.

    A little back story

    Colette’s Buko Pie at Pasalubong was established in 1989. Their first outlet was in San Pablo City. It was founded by Plaridel Dela Cruz, a Laguna councilor during that time. The famous buko pie brand was named after her daughter Colette, who then later co-owned the famous Hiraya Bakery with her ex-colleague Lika Babay.

    Today, there are already 45 stores nationwide. The buko pie brand continued to expand in different provinces to cater its customers.

    The go-to pasalubong store

    If you happen to visit Laguna, it is not a rare sight to see a Colette’s branch. Known for its famous buko pie, Colette’s has been a part of every Pinoy’s memories. A trip down south will not be complete without bringing home a box of warm buko pie.

    Recently, the netizens mourned over a sad story. A writer named Tonyo Cruz broke the news on Twitter last September 13. On a tweet he wrote, Na-ICU si Colette at na-intubate last week. Lumaban siya hanggang naging ok para ilipat sa regular hospital room. Kagabi, nagulat kami na pumanaw na siya,” Cruz said. “Wala na ngayong nanay ang anak niya, at naulila sa mahal na anak ang magulang niya, at malungkot ang maraming tao. Kami din.” 

    Colette Dela Cruz died due to COVID-19.

    Colette Dela Cruz is remembered for a lot of things. More than a buko pie brand named after her, she was a daughter, a mom, writer, friend, entrepreneur, and a known baker at heart.

    She studied Food Technology at the University of the Philippines at Los Banos. She was also the former culture editor of the official publication UPLB Perspective.

    The tweet has 34K likes and 10.1K retweets at the time of writing. It only goes to show that Colette’s is not just a famous local delicacy, but it has been a huge part of every Filipino household.

    Netizens expressed their thoughts over the sad news.

    It only goes to show that over the years, Colette’s have been loved by generations of Filipinos that everyone has their own story to tell about this local delicacy brand.

    Aside from the netizens, Colette’s son Stefano Ortiz expressed his gratitude to everyone who shared their heartfelt messages towards his mom’s passing on an interview with PhilSTAR L!fe. “Losing my mom has been painful and difficult, but knowing that she left her mark on people through what she loved most—food and baking—brings joyful spirits in this otherwise painful period,” he said.

    Many believe that Colette Dela Cruz is a local cultural icon that the Filipinos have lost to this pandemic.

    How about you, what is your fond memory of the local buko pie brand? Share it in the comment section.


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