Boost your immune system with these foods!
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Boost your immune system with these foods!

Cai Camua

March 16, 2020


    As the virus is quickly spreading in our country these past few days, the medical workers are highly advising people to boost their immune systems as part of not getting infected.

    So, do you remember whenever you remove the red and/or green peppers on your pizza? Well, maybe this time, you won’t! Because, red and green peppers are your friends in boosting your immune system! Bell peppers are great producers of Vitamin C that act as an antioxidant to your body system. Broccoli is also a great producer of Vitamin C that helps you to strengthen your immune system that you need the most these days.

    Carrots and sweet potatoes are a good snack to those who are health conscious but also for those who are not. But did you know, carrots and sweet potatoes produce carotene that converts into Vitamin A which helps boost the immune system and lower the risk of catching various diseases that you seriously need nowadays, right?

    But among these, garlic is the most famous and used one because it goes with most of the food that you serve, whether with fried, soup, or condiments and the good thing about this is that you can store a lot of it for a good period of time. According to studies, Garlic is best for fighting infections, so now is the best time to consume it to help prevent chances of getting sick.

    And most importantly, taking some vitamins is a need in order for you to boost your immune system! But, be sure that it is prescribed by your doctor.

    This is a reminder for you to keep eating and living healthy as we fight this disease. Keep safe and sound, Sweetie.


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