Best food to cure your weekend hangover
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Best food to cure your weekend hangover

Troyka Lunar

June 27, 2022

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    You feel nauseous, you’re thirsty and hungry, and you want to lay down in your bed forever because you feel like your whole world is spinning – literally. Well, that’s the effect of a fun weekend night! We know you had a blast from your weekend parties, and you are most probably cursing everyone from last night because of how you are feeling right now! But, hey! You know we care for you, and we got you always! So, we are giving you five of the best food to cure your weekend hangover!


    After a few shots of alcohol, you may notice the need to go to the restroom to pee constantly. That’s because alcohol affects your body’s aldosterone production, the hormone that helps your body hold on to water. As a result, you may experience frequent urination leading to dehydration and loss of Potassium and Sodium. Bananas, as we all know, are very rich in Potassium. Eating at least one medium banana helps to replenish your body’s lost minerals and can eventually help you cure your hangover.


    Eggs, on the other hand, also play a role in your hangover recovery. According to some research, eggs contain Cysteine, an amino acid responsible for your body’s metabolism. Cysteine also helps reduce alcohol’s leftover toxins in your body. Having at least two eggs will surely make you feel alive again! Aside from eggs, other rich sources of Cysteine are soy, beef, chicken, and turkey.


    After a long night of inuman, you may find yourself experiencing a terrible headache. And again, blame it on the aldosterone production! As mentioned earlier, it causes frequent urination leading to dehydration. And this is when watermelons come into the picture! Watermelons and other water-like fruits are the best shot to counter alcohol’s depletion of your body’s nutrients. It is also rich in Potassium, Magnesium, and L-citrulline, an amino acid responsible for healthy blood circulation that helps your body process and get rid of toxins. The Times of India wouldn’t be ranking it as the #1 hangover cure for nothing, right?



    Everyone knows that dark, leafy greens are some of the healthiest food to eat with or without a hangover. Some of these are kale, spinach, and arugula, best known for their vitamin and mineral contents. Aside from that, these are the types of food you go to for fiber needs which is a good thing for digestion. So, it is of great help during diarrhea which is also a result of heavy drinking. Add up a lot of dark, leafy greens in your sinigang, and you’ll be nothing but good afterward! 



    Have you ever felt bloated and inflamed after a night of excessive alcohol consumption? Well, it’s also known as acute alcohol-induced inflammation. Some of its side effects are dehydration, face puffiness, inflamed stomach lining, and swollen feet. Though these symptoms go away on their own, you need not wait as your favorite salmon is here to save the day! Salmon, known to have high oxidants, can combat these inflammations. It also contains all essential amino acids and vitamin B12 that depletes during alcohol consumption. Fry it or make a soup out of it, and it will surely give you and your tummy a huge favor!

    Above all these, you must keep in mind that even though there’s a bunch of food to help you lessen the symptoms of a hangover, it is always important to have fun without risking your health! As the old saying goes, “Prevention is always better than cure!”


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