Air fryer: Is it worth the hype?
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Air fryer: Is it worth the hype?

Mitzi Santos

March 1, 2021


    Photo credit: CNA Lifestyle

    Air fryer has been the talk of the town for months now, and people have been getting one for their kitchen but is it really worth your money or is it just another flashy trend?

    When it comes to its functionality, air fryers work similarly as the convection ovens. According to, there are air fryers that come with multiples functions. It is powered by electric heat circulated by powerful fans. The outer part of the foods gets a crispy finish while leaving the center moist.

    It cooks faster compared to when you cook meals in hot oils. Instead of cooking in hot oil, air fryers work with hot air thus its name. Cooking meals in the fryer cuts down 90% of its oil. We all know that fried is still fried no matter how you cook it.

    Since air fryers are smaller versions of your ovens it can be a more convenient alternative for your tradition oven if you want to save a lot of space in your kitchen counter.

    When it comes to its capacity, you can only cook limited amount of food due to its small body. It will take you several rounds if you are going to cook for big gatherings.

    So, if you are asking if air fryers are worth your money, you might want to think twice or thrice before making a purchase specially if you already have a functioning oven at home.

    There are a lot of air fryers available in the market now. It is still up to the consumer if they want to splurge this much on air fryers or they are okay cooking meals the traditional way.

    Do you have one? Let us know about your experience in the comment section!


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