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How to achieve the Miss Universe body – as told by these queens

Ex Badilla

May 22, 2023

  • Have you ever been curious as to how these queens maintain their almost-perfect physique even after competing for the crown? Well, you’re in for a treat! Here are some food hacks and lifestyle tips from our very own Miss Universes winners:

    Catriona Gray 

    Growing up, Catriona was accustomed to food made with love by her mother. In return, she became used to making her own food as well. This makes her hyper aware of her food intake and helps her decide on what to eat and how much to consume. 

    She shared that she takes advantage of the fact that she grew up in tropical countries, thus she enjoys eating fresh fruits and vegetables. Furthermore, Gray stated that it all falls down to listening to your body. Eat when you’re hungry and know when you’re full, she added. 

    Although for the Miss Universe 2018 winner, it is important to note that all of us have different body compositions. Which is why her journey to her ‘body goals’ might not work for everybody. 

    Pia Wurtzbach 

    This queen proves that even with her diet, she’s confidently beautiful with a heart. Pia shared that what you see isn’t always the full picture. As someone who has high cholesterol herself, she is extra mindful of the food she eats, but never deprives herself of it. 

    In an interview by PEP, for her, it’s all about proper diet and exercise. Because of her busy schedule doing hosting duties and entrepreneur responsibilities, she tries to exercise an hour per day max. She believes that pushing yourself to the limits will burn you out. A 30-minute workout would suffice to keep you excited to be back for the next day.  

    Meanwhile, Pia revealed that she promised herself to eat more fruits and greens or anything that comes from the ground, paired with drinking a lot more water. While she recognizes the Filipino culture of celebrations, she reiterated that it’s okay to eat, but have everything balanced.  

    Michelle Dee

    Our reigning Miss Universe Philippines has some interesting facts that possibly helped her in achieving that snatched body for the competition. As seen from her Instagram Account, she is someone who loves adrenaline-pumping activities. 

    In one of her posts, she is seen on a motocross, one of the newest Olympic sports, wearing the full gear looking fresh and active! You may not be aware, but this Olympic sport requires a lot of core and back strength, as well as endurance of a horse. These can only be achieved through constant core workouts and cycling practice. 

    There are no official interviews yet regarding Michelle’s diet, but a well-known meal prep business among the stars has recently posted that the MUPH winner is officially one of their clients. 

    In the end, it is imperative to remember that we should listen to our bodies and not deprive ourselves of food. If you can, consult a registered nutritionist and registered trainer for your dream body. Good luck! We believe in you!  


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