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Adi Miguel

November 4, 2015


    Have you observed the scenario every November 1 and 2 in our cemeteries here in the Philippines? Besides the traffic and the unstoppable throwing of garbage everywhere, all cemeteries have that one similar scene every year!

    I wonder what comes in your mind…

    Actually, it’s the food stands on the entrance of the cemeteries. And don’t lie to me, one time or another you bought something there. Along with these stalls are other things vendors sell such as candles, prayer booklets, balloons, flowers, and the like.

    So for this season, we enumerated the usual food we see during the days of remembrance.

    1. POPCORN – I don’t really know why but I always see this food wherever cemetery I go. There’s something with popcorn and November 1 and 2! Maybe people loves to munch on them while remembering their good old days with their late loved ones? Oh…
    2. SOFT DRINKS IN PLASTIC – Well, I can understand this because your drink becomes portable and you can bring them anywhere if ever you’re going to roam around the cemetery and visit other relatives’ grave. You know, the plastic and the walking makes it all nostalgic.
    3. TUSOK-TUSOK FOOD – Yeah, I’m talking about fish ball, kikiam, squid balls, kwek-kwek and everything that your stick can capture and bring them to your mouth. It’s very cheap and let’s not deny, we love this. Just like the soft drinks in plastic, the food with the walking at the unusual place is really perfect for music video. Hahahaha!
    4. COTTON CANDY – I can’t understand why there’s cotton candy (with different colors) in cemeteries. I don’t know what’s with the grave and the sugar cloud but I settled that it’s for babies who get tantrums in the midst of big crowd. Hey, my mom never bought me one when I was young!
    5. DIRTY ICE CREAM – Why? Fiesta feels is taking over! But if you’re coming on a dry afternoon, well, who can resist this very Pinoy dessert?
    6. ROAMING ICE CREAM a.k.a ICE DROP – This is not the usual ice cream in a cone sold through a cart. It’s the ice cream in a popsicle stick. With pinipig flavor, choco pinipig flavor, vanilla pinipig flavor, etc. They also have other flavors now such as cookies ‘n cream, ube, and the like. Cheap finds in the cemetery, ayt?
    7. PEANUTS – I don’t really remember buying one but I remember my granny does! So yeah, I think the old ones like peanuts. We got a lot of options to choose from. Whether you want nilagang mani, adobong mani, spicy adobong mani, or whatever, the peanut stall at the cemetery entrance got it.
    8. CHICHARON, BALOT, PENOY, PUGO – I wonder if they also sell beer. Hahaha! This one goes for the daddy yo’s and the lolo’s!

    There are a lot of food stalls coming now and some of them are with names. But whatever it is, food will always be that one tool that can bring us back to a certain memory. I bet, you also have that favorite munch on days of remembrance plus the family, it’s a day you look forward every year.  #RememberSomeoneToday


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