6 Most Popular Heartbreak Food
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6 Most Popular Heartbreak Food

Adi Miguel

October 13, 2015

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    Believe it or not your moods or emotions have equivalent cravings. And there’s no generic food for every emotion. People might have similar cravings but there will still be some who’ll have weird appetites.

    Your system sets it and becomes the default food your body longs when you’re in that certain mood.

    But are you aware of the foods you crave for when you’re in a heartbreak? I don’t think so, because you’re on drama, honey.

    That’s why we gathered answers from random people and asked them their heartbreak food and seriously, some of them can’t help but unleashed their #hugot.


    Burger is love. <3
    Burger is love. <3 (SOURCE: Giphy)

    Let’s face it. Burger is a universal food. Some people who gets hurt loses their appetite. But when they choose what to eat, burger is the best and most appropriate. And sometimes they binge eat on burgers with fries and soft drinks. How healthy is that?

    “Yes, I binge eat burger and fries when my heart aches. I don’t have any reason. I just deserve them [burger and fries]. I don’t deserve him, after all. What else do I deserve?” -Patty, 25


    Pizza is everything.
    Pizza is everything. (SOURCE: Giphy)

    You get a box of it and munch all of it over iflix…with tears because you’re watching a Nicholas Sparks movie.

    “We eat pizza when we’re on heartbreak because pizza is the exact representation of our feelings–you’re eating different things all at the same time. And it’s like your emotions, you’re sad, mad, happy, lost and crazy all at the same time.” -Denise, 21


    (SOURCE: Giphy)
    (SOURCE: Giphy)

    Everything’s absolutely good with beer especially when it makes you drunk. You turn to that so-honest person that you begin to unload what you really feel and it helps because you know that you have released something heavy inside.

    “I drink beer when I’m on a heartbreak because it gives you a temporary escape. But whatever happens you really have to go through the pain and embrace it.” -Penny, 20



    Chocolates for the bitter feelings! Whether it’s a regular chocolate candy or chocolate flavored-drink or pastry, chocolate is a given happy hormone. We all feel a punch of joy whenever we eat one whatever our feelings are. It gives us a little reason to smile and we all feel good after eating one. That’s why this happy ingredient is always a craving on a heartbreak season. A little break from the heart ache.


    (SOURCE: Giphy)
    (SOURCE: Giphy)

    Just like chocolate, ice cream is a happy hormone. But someone answered,

    “Because its coldness numbs the pain, its sweetness kills the bitterness from the pain.” -Ryan, 20

    Well said.


    Eat 'em all! (SOURCE: Giphy)
    Eat ’em all! (SOURCE: Giphy)

    Admit it, you also binge eat a bag of potato chips over Fault in Our Stars.

    For those who are weight and health conscious, potato chips are one of the many foods you prohibit yourself from grinding. But when you get a broken heart, it’s like a crime you won’t be guilty of doing. You’ll have that stage where you’ll say, “I’ll eat this and no one can stop me. I’ll eat them all and I’ll only stop when there’s no stock left!” What can we do, potatoes are guilty pleasure

    Whatever you want! No one will stop you from eating anything when you’re hurt. It’s the least thing you can do to cope! After all, every bite comes with sob. *taps your shoulder*


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