6 Foods that can help boost your mood
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6 Foods that can help boost your mood

Mitzi Santos

July 12, 2021


    There are days when you really are not in your best self and whatever you do, you just don’t feel any better.

    According to healthline.com, there is a study about the connection of food and mental health. There are foods that can help you improve your bad moods. There can be other factors like stress, environment, and the others but there are foods that can help you boost your moods.

    Dark chocolate

    Chocolates in general can be a good mood booster and consuming it can fuel your brain. Chocolates can contain caffeine, theobromine, and N-acylethanolamine, substances that can improve your mood.

    Despite this benefit, you should still stick to the serving suggestion to keep a balanced diet.


    Bananas contains natural sugar, vitamin B6, and prebiotic fiber, which balance your blood sugar levels and mood stable.


    Oats are great source of fiber. Aside from stabilizing your blood sugar and boost your mood, it also contains a high amount of iron which can improve your mood symptoms.


    Berries help you lower your risk of depression because it is rich in disease-fighting anthocyanins.

    Nuts and seeds

    Nuts and seed support your brain function and lowers your risk of depression due to its high amount of tryptophan, zinc, and selenium.


    Caffeine and chlorogenic acid can be found in coffee that helps you boost your mood. Caffeine prevents adenosine from attaching to the brain receptors therefore it helps increase alertness and attention.

    There can be a lot of foods that can help boost your mood but it is advisable for you to go for a healthy option that will not only boost your mood but also help your overall health.


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